Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Egypt: Journalist's insensitive interview with Gilad moments after his release!

Americans Stand with Israel
October 18, 2011
by Bee Sting
First, a message to Egypt
Your country, knowing Gilad had not seen anyone except the masked Hamas barbarians for the past 5 1/2 years, could not wait for the young Israeli solder to collect his thoughts.  On live TV, you began questioning him inappropriately the moment he stepped foot into Egypt.  Your actions are outrageous, shameful, and disgusting.  The translation of Gilad's responses were not done correctly - intentionally mistranslated. (photo: Gilad arriving in Egypt)

I have spoken to an Israeli who kindly informed me of the mistakes during the Egyptian television interview with Gilad, and  he mentioned that the Israeli broadcasters in Israel have expressed their displeasure.  For instance, when Gilad responded "I have not seen people", they translated "I almost did not see people".  Each translation was inaccurate. Listen, they ask him on TV if he would be willing to campaign for the release of other Palestinian prisoners and he answered them, "If they abandon terrorism, and they choose not to attack Israel", and not appreciating his response, they did not translate his answer.  If Egypt is looking for praise at their "mediation" efforts for Gilad's release, they destroyed anything we could possibly say, by comparing Gilad's years in Gaza with the Palestinian prisoners.

The Palestinian prisoners are allowed to see the light of day, have visits with family members, continue their education, and even have cell phones to communicate with the outside. Each Palestinian prisoner is paid monthly by Fatah. (Another reason to stop all U.S. aid to the PA's and Gaza). Meanwhile, Gilad was held captive in an unknown cell, without light or communication with his family for five and a half years.  No one knew if he were dead or alive, or where he was being held.  Hamas barbarian terrorists refused to allow the International Red Cross to visit Gilad during the entire time of his capture and imprisonment.  Hamas refused to allow him to have a pair of eyeglasses and this has caused his vision to deteriorate.  This is only the tip of an iceberg of what we know about Gilad's imprisonment.  

I have to laugh at something I read the other day about the Red Cross examining the Palestinian prisoners before their release.  To be sure, the prisoners were treated with far more respect than they deserve, being murders and killers, of Israeli babies and innocent Israeli civilians.  What hypocrisy, this old world has when they attempt to compare the acts of terrorists with a young Israeli soldier, kidnapped  from his homeland and refused proper treatment these past five and a half years!  

and now, a time for rejoicing!  
Gilad arrives home!

All Israel rejoices today - their son has arrived home.  I watched on the Israeli TV (isn't the Internet wonderful?!), thousands of folks cheering and waving the beautiful blue and white Israeli flag, parents carrying young children on their shoulders, smiling faces and you could just feel the excitement in the air, while everyone waited for the helicopter bringing Gilad home to arrive.  And that is not all, as I looked at the live camera at the Kotel, thousands of Israelis praying and I can't help but think they give thanks to our blessed and most holy Father and King, for bringing Gilad home safely, into the open arms of all Israel, and his loving parents.