Saturday, October 22, 2011

This On-going War! ... by Frimet and Arnold Roth of Jerusalem

"THIS ONGOING WAR is not part of the activity of the Malki Foundation which was founded by us, Frimet and Arnold Roth of Jerusalem. But it is inspired by the same tragic circumstances.

Keren Malki, the Malki Foundation, is a memorial to the life of Malki Roth, our daughter, murdered at the age of 15 in a terrorist massacre in the centre of Jerusalem executed by terrorists in the service of Hamas. Beyond its function as a remembrance of a life lost, Keren Malki has provided and continues daily to provide tangible, concrete, invaluable support to more than two thousand Israeli families of every background - Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Druze and others - caring at home for a seriously disabled child."
                                                         THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011

Enough already: A first-person reminder for those who think we objected to the release of a mere "driver" 

Repeatedly over the years and especially during this past very difficult week, reporters, analysts, political figures and even friends, having noted our call to have the name of our daughter's murderer removed from the list of terrorists to be (and now) freed by Israel, have referred to the woman as "the driver" of the human bomb.

She was not the driver. She was sentenced to sixteen life terms in prison because she played the most central of roles in the Sbarro Jerusalem massacre. She murdered 15 people on the day, eight of them children, and a sixteenth - a young mother - remains in a vegetative state until today. And here, in the video below (hat tip to, she says it. So please - enough already with calling this murderer a mere "driver".

As for the convicted murderer's total absence of regret for the deaths she engineered, she continues to take full credit, no regrets, now that she is free as a bird in Jordan. See this report ["Tamimi: I have never regretted what I have done"] from a Jordanian publication, today. It includes original video with Arabic dialogue that we hope someone authoritative will translate into English. Here is how the editors atAmmon News in Jordan rendered her appalling message in their English:
I have never regretted what I have done, and if given another chance I’ll do it again’ she added. Tamimi expressed her believes in the rightness of what she has done. Tamimi said in an interview with Ammon News Tuesday that the hostility and aggression is the basic character of the Israeli officials, unless the are forced to negotiate. Ahlam Tamimi, 31, was serving 16 life sentences for her role in a suicide bombing, including taking the assailant to the Sbarro franchise in Jerusalem where he killed 16 people in 2001. deported to Jordan last Wednesday early morning. She thanked Jordan and stated that Jordan people are the heart beat of the Palestinians. [More]
While still inside an Israeli prison, the murderer was interviewed for a film that we saw some years ago.To understand the meaning of evil incarnate, watch her face in the video below as she hears for the first time the actual number of children who were murdered in the Sbarro massacre.

(Hat tip to Vlad Tepes from Canada. The source - under the title "Palestinian terrorist delights in the knowledge that it was eight children who died by her hand" - is here.)

Tamimi is the only one of the terrorists released on Tuesday to have been sent into so-called 'exile' in the Kingdom of Jordan. That happens to be where she was born and where her family resides. Some exile.

She was feted there in an official and well-publicized reception yesterday. We choked when we noted thatthe location was the Family Court of Amman. It's covered here.


16-Oct-11: "Do not free my daughter's murderer" (Haaretz today)

Malki was a talented classical flautist
This went up just a few minutes ago on the Haaretz site... 
Mother of Israeli suicide bombing victim: Do not free my daughter's murderer 
Frimet Roth's 15-year-old daughter was killed in the attack on Jerusalem's Sbarro pizza restaurant in 2001; Ahlam Tamimi was sentenced to 16 life terms following the attack, and is set for release as part of the Shalit deal.
I am writing these words moments after belatedly watching a recorded video that went to air on Israel’s Channel 2 News on Friday night. It shows the Hamas terrorist, Ahlam Tamimi, being asked: “Do you feel sorry for what you did?”
She answers her interviewer without a trace of hesitation:. “No. Why should I feel sorry?” 
The interviewer persists: “Would you do it again if you had the chance?” Her unwavering response: “Yes.” 
Tamimi was reaffirming the declaration she made originally in 2006: “I do not regret what I did”, is the way she put it then. 
One summer vacation day in August, 2001, Tamimi murdered my fifteen year old, daughter along with 14 other innocent men, women and children who were having lunch at the Jerusalem Sbarro pizza restaurant. 
I wonder whether PM Netanyahu has heard Tamimi’s statements. Could he possibly have agreed to free an unrepentant, cold-blooded murderer, sentenced to 16 life terms after she publicly committed to murder again?
Perhaps he simply hasn’t seen the interview. Or perhaps the Prime Minister did see it and wasn’t moved.
After all, several months ago my husband and I sent him a letter detailing the crimes of which Tamimi was convicted and pleading with him to refuse to release her. In that letter, we reminded him that she is generally described mistakenly as the “driver” or “helper”. We noted that she was actually the planner and engineer of the attack. She personally transported the 10 kg bomb concealed in a guitar case in a taxi from Ramallah to Jerusalem, met up with Al Masri, the suicide bomber, and handed him the case. The two then walked together, disguised as tourists, to the center of the city. They stopped at the target Tamimi had selected. She instructed Al Masri to wait fifteen minutes before detonating the explosives. She wanted him to give her enough time to escape the scene safely, she explained later. 
Prime Minister Netanyahu never responded to our written plea. He did not attempt to explain to us why he decided to include Tamimi in this horrific deal despite her uniquely demonic credentials: a mass murderer who has served nine years and has publicly proclaimed her lack of remorse and intention to murder again. 
Now the day nears when we fear Tamimi will board the bus to a free life in Jordan, when her own prediction of 2006 - “I will be free again” - is realized. 
We feel desperate. We beg Mr Netanyahu to grant us a few minutes of his time and hear us out.
In any sane country with a fair judicial system, even paroled murderers are not released without granting the victims’ loved ones a chance to address the parole board. I thought Israel is such a state. I pray that I was not wrong. 
Frimet Roth - Jerusalem 
Click here to read Haaretz's interview with the Roth family, immediately following Malka Chana's death in 2001.
A reminder to our visitors and readers that we created a petition in the past 24 hours calling for the deletion of Tamimi's name from the list of terrorists to be released from Israeli prisons. We need your support. Please go the petition site and sign - and please encourage your friends to do the same.