Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wall Street Isn’t Damascus - by Michael J. Totten


by Michael J. Totten
October 15th, 2011 - 2:13 pm
I don’t want to wade into domestic politics here because it isn’t my area, but I would like to draw your attention to what the United States Embassy in Syria has to say about the Occupy Wall Street movement on its Facebook page.
We recently put up an article about the Occupy Wall Street protests in the USA — there is lots of news about it on Syrian television stations.
For sure there is a lot of unhappiness in America about the economic situation. Unemployment is relatively high – nine percent. Housing prices keep falling, hurting more families. There is much debate between the two main American political parties about how to fix the U.S. economy.
We don’t know exactly what will happen next. What we do know is:
* the US will have national elections in November 2012 that are not under the control of the American intelligence establishment but rather an independent election authority not controlled by the President or Congress;
* the Occupy Wall Street organizers will be entirely free to run as election candidates or to organize to support candidates;
* Occupy Wall Street groups will not be allowed to destroy public or private property, but they can organize more protests in other cities and they can say whatever they want about the U.S. government without being arrested or shot;
* the police will not shoot thousands of protesters;
* some Occupy Wall Street organizers have been arrested for disturbing public order (blocking traffic) but they won’t be tortured, and no family will receive the body of a protester bearing torture marks.
* the international media and NGOs are watching and reporting on the Occupy Wall Street protests without interference from the government;
* the Occupy Wall Street organizers will be free to talk to any American or foreigner who wants to talk to them without fear of arrest;
* the U.S. government may complain that some countries’ currency policies are hurting the U.S. economy, but the US government will not tell the world that there is a vague foreign conspiracy for which it lacks any specifics or evidence but that it says is encouraging the Occupy Wall Street or other protest movements.
Something to think about…
The Occupy Wall Street people ought to think about this as well if it’s really true that a third of them think the U.S. government is no better than Al Qaeda.
Here's an example of the stupidity of the Wall Street Occupiers, posted on Politicons:

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Desecrate American Flag

Oh yeah, they’re like the Tea Party…
A member of the Occupy Wall St movement walks over a U.S. flag on that lies on the ground in Zuccotti Park near the financial district of New York October 13, 2011. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who called for the protesters to leave briefly on Friday so the park could be cleaned, has indicated he expects the area to clear out once the real cold sets in. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)


The Tea Party demonstrations were one day only events; they did not leave a speck of trash on the sidewalks or lawns in Washington, DC and across the nation; and they waved the American flag high and proudly, as patriots of the U.S.  You do not see any American flags at the "Occupiers" demonstration, because they follow a guy in the WH who removed our flag during his campaign, preferring to wear a pin that represents a big, fat ZERO - a fitting logo for this administration.  America's symbol of freedom will return when Americans vote next Nov. 2012.