Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadhafi Dead, Obama Takes Credit


Politico Pistaschio

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Moammar Gadhafi ruled for 42 years in Libya. His own people ensured his demise. He was a socialist and a Muslim revolutionary. Dictator, nationalist, and terrorist.

The world will be a better place with him gone, and as expected, the media and the democrats are praising the great Obama for putting out an assassination order against Gadhafi, striking Libya with American military personnel regardless of the opinion of the general public, or Congress, and for Obama starting yet another military conflict that we are involved in.

If he had been a Republican, they would have been screaming for impeachment.

Dead at age 69, the Libyan dictator died at the hand of a revolution. The people danced with joy as word of Gadhafi's death spread. Now, oil rich Libya is open for a new leader, but the fear is that as in Egypt, a terrorist organization like The Muslim Brotherhood, may be waiting to gain the reins.

The Associated Press is touting this as an achievement by Barack Obama, calling this another victory for the Obama Doctrine, of which they tack on includes the death of Osama bin Laden.

The AP also indicated that this is Obama's "own style of dealing with enemies without immersing the United States in war."

Are they saying that if George W. Bush had just put out a hit order against Hussein, made sure he got it in the end, and created civil war in Iraq with only a few military maneuvers the liberals would have been good with that?

I thought not.

Obama thinks this will give him a boost in his election chances. Killing bad guys even though it wasn't him or his plans that did it seems to be his strategy.

Who's the next bad guy you are going to put an assassination order out of, Barry?

Obama is a disgusting individual.

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