Monday, December 12, 2011

Gaza: Where does Hamas store its weapons? (IDFvideo included)

IDF video shows Hamas weapons stores near civilian homesIAF air strike video


Video documents IAF strike on weapons cache located in the "middle of a residential area in northern Gaza."

The IDF released video footage Monday of an air strike in northern Gaza Saturday, which it said shows Hamas weapons storage facilities located in the middle of residential areas and in close proximity to civilian homes. 

"The documentation shows an initial explosion resulting from the Air Force strike, immediately followed by secondary explosions and sustained combustion, indicating the presence of weapons inside (the building)," the IDF said.

At the beginning of the footage, circles indicate a building described as "the target," and other buildings in the top left are described as "civilian buildings." 

The IDF struck targets in Gaza Saturday night after a weekend during which terrorists in the Strip fired more than 20 rockets at Israeli territory. 

There were no reports of injuries in that strike, but the IDF emphasized the video footage proves that Hamas chooses to store weapons in populated areas. 

Two reportedly wounded in Israeli strike on Gaza

The IDF said it regrets any harm to uninvolved civilianscaused by the presence of explosives and weapons at targeted sites, including rockets.

The IDF holds Hamas responsible for all terror activity emanating from Gaza and it will continue to respond forcefully to attacks on Israeli citizens


Bee's Notes:
Hamas terrorists never change strategy - always hide behind women, children, hospitals and schools and allow their citizens to be killed when Israel responds to the missile attacks sent from Gaza.  But, the main stream media remains silent to those attacks, unless an Israeli air strike happens to hit a Palestinian citizen during their response to the terrorists.  

Israel waited years before finally responding to the thousands of missile attacks and, when they did respond during the brief Cast Lead war, the world was up in arms, claiming Israel was using unnecessary force - and Israel had to back down from completing their mission to stop the Hamas terrorists.  I think in world history, that was the shortest war in history; especially considering the USA has been at war for over ten years since 9/11.

The Hamas have stepped up their attacks on Israel - Israel cannot allow another 8 years to respond; and this time, we can only hope they finish the mission they began three years ago.


'Weekend of Terror' Goes Unnoticed by Mainstream Media

IDF Website notices "significant increase" in terrorist activities in Judea and Samaria. Press stretches, yawns.
Fire bomb (file)
By Gil Ronen