Sunday, December 11, 2011

Useless Nations tells America to shut up!

09 DECEMBER 2011

A closed meeting last week in DC, the State Dept met with UN lackeys to learn how to be proper dhimmis and shut up about Islam.  It's for our own good to understand what outrages Muslim barrows because they lop of heads when perturbed.
Now, I am just guessing as to what exactly was inculcated by the lackeys into the collective brain of the State Dept because not even an agenda of the meeting was released. Even Obama (pbuh) understands that some kafirs are going to be mighty upset learning about his collusion with his Muslim barrow brothers. But given that Obama (pbuh) is big on Islamic dictators, I suspect that he wants us kafirs (an Arabic word so filthy that Arabs happily tell you it cannot be adequately translated into a civilized language) to stop trashing Islam.
 Surely, any claim by Mrs William Jefferson Clinton that she is protecting free speech is laughable. That discussion should take place in the the open. That discussion should have input from Americans not foreign bureaucrats and most definitely not Muslim barrows. 
Americans can learn nothing from Islam, Muslims or their Islamic paradises. Nothing good, that is. If we need to look into the mind of Satan, by all means trot out the doctrine of evil, aka Koran. If we need to point to barbaric behaviour, Mohamed is your perfect model. And what shouts social failure like any Islamic paradise?
Just in the last few days, the imams have issued a fatwa against women wearing high heels, and  another fatwa forbade the handling phallic shaped veggies. The Maldives said the matter of beating women was a done deal; Allah said it was kosher and who can argue with her?
 Part of me wishes that the Useless Nations will overstep and actually ban criticism of Islam. That should kick start Americans! Remember, it is not Islamophobic  if  they are really trying to kill you! It's simple self preservation.
Now, to repeat for you brain-dead libtards if you will excuse the redundancy; Islam is pure evil spewed forth from the mind of a criminal psychopath.  And if it's against the law to say that, well too bad, it's still the truth.
It is Almost Midnight in the West. We dare not lose the war against Islam because the world will go dark for generations. Have you joined the Crusade? Why not?