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Western conspiracy to undermine Israel


Both the EU and the US are conspiring to discredit and deligitimate Israel in the eyes of the world including in the US. Their efforts are despicable. Ted Belman
Secret EU paper aims to tackle Israel’s treatment of Arab minority Paper states EU should consider Israel’s treatment of its Arab population a ‘core issue’, and not second tier to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The European Union should consider Israel’s treatment of its Arab population a “core issue, not second tier to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” according to a classified working paper produced by European embassies in Israel, parts of which were obtained by Haaretz.

This is an unprecedented document in that it deals with internal Israeli issues. According to European diplomats and senior Foreign Ministry officials, it was written and sent to EU headquarters in Brussels behind the back of the Israeli government.

Other issues the document deals with include the lack of progress in the peace process, the continued occupation of the territories, Israel’s definition of itself as Jewish and democratic, and the influence of the Israeli Arab population.

The original document also included suggestions for action the EU should take, but these were removed from the final version at the insistence of several countries.

Among these were the suggestion that the EU file an official protest every time a bill discriminating against Arabs passes a second reading in the Knesset, and that the EU ensure that all Arab towns have completed urban plans, “with each member state potentially ‘adopting’ a municipality to this end.”

The contents of the 27-page report were kept under wraps, and a number of European diplomats contacted by Haaretz over the past two weeks refused to disclose any details. Foreign Ministry officials said they had heard about it unofficially from some European diplomats a few weeks ago, but to date no Israeli official has been able to obtain a copy.

According to a European diplomat involved in drafting the report, work on it began more than a year ago at Britain’s initiative. The idea was to write a report that could be debated by a forum of EU foreign ministers. At some point, however, several countries, among them the Czech Republic, Poland and the Netherlands, expressed objections to its contents.

After lengthy debates on the issue in an effort to obtain the consensus necessary to send the report to Brussels, it was decided to water it down somewhat and drop the operative conclusions. It was also designated a “food for thought” document, rather than a “report.”

The embassies declared in the document that the breakdown in the peace process was having a negative impact on the integration of Israeli Arabs into society.

“The stalemate in the peace process, and the continuing occupation, inevitably has an impact on the identification of Israeli Arabs with Israel,” the document states. “It will be more difficult for Israeli Arabs to be wholly at ease with their identity while the conflict with the Palestinians continues.”

At the same time, the embassies said this should not be used as an excuse for “hostile behavior by Israeli Arabs which alienates the Jewish majority, or for failure by Israeli government to achieve genuinely equal treatment of Israeli Arabs.”

The document suggests that the EU discuss Jewish-Arab relations with the Israeli government, while stressing the government’s obligation to bridge the gaps between the Jewish majority and Arab minority.

“We should emphasize that addressing inequality within Israel is integral to Israel’s long-term stability,” the document says.

The document also relates to the demand made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

“We do not believe that recognition of Israel as a Jewish State should detract in any way from the vision of equality for all its citizens enshrined in its founding documents,” the report says.

“It is in the interests of all Israelis to demonstrate that Israel is not only Jewish and democratic, but tolerant and inclusive, and that these are patriotic values. We believe in common with most Israelis that Israeli nationality is an inclusive concept which can accommodate equally those of other faiths and ethnic origins.”

Other operative suggestions that were dropped from the final document included supporting projects promoting coexistence in schools, and encouraging European companies setting up high-tech operations in Israel to invest in Arab areas.

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Bee's Note:
First, please visit Israpundit and read the comment section posted under the article.
Secondly, this "report", or "food for thought" about the Jewish State of Israel explains why Hillary Clinton recently made (and reported in Israeli newspapers), comments that she is "concerned" about the democracy of Israel. She must have already had a copy of this report in hand before making her latest foolish remarks that undermine Israel.
It may also explain why US Ambassador to Belgium spoke so poorly about Israel two weeks ago; (The Obama administration is defending the U.S. ambassador to Belgiumand ignoring calls from many Jewish-American leaders to denounce the envoy for remarks they see as blaming Israel for anti-Semitism among European Muslims) and why Panetta demanded "Israel to get to the damn table"!
This article states that the "report" was initiated by Britain.  However, it has the same hand prints as the entire Obama administration and without this report, it Israel's supporters already recognize that Obama's insistence that he "is the best thing to ever happen to Israel" is just another pipe dream of his, and one big fat lie.
One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see a horrific pattern of propaganda being devised by this administration towards America's ally Israel. The world once stood by and allowed someone in the 1930's to get away with the same type lies about the Jewish people and what the Western conspiracy to undermine Israel is doing, is setting a flame against the Jewish people throughout the world.  

See Joshua Pundit's commentary:  "Heart of Darkness; Obama's Campaign to Make Israel a Scapegoat and Fool American Jews".