Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the Season ... (Music videos included)

... to reflect and say, "thank you!"

Thank you, dear friends,
     for taking the time to stop by and visit "Americans Stand with Israel".  This week marks my Second Anniversary since I first began "blogging"- starting with "Real Americans Defend Israel" and now, here we are ... and it seems like it has just been a blink of an eye since my first attempt to present the writings of great authors, journalists, Conservative news and my humble opinions.  It was my attempt to present the truth, as I felt America was in jeopardy of losing its freedoms from both "within" and "outside" our borders. 

    Secondly, it was distressing to see this Administration apologize for our nation to many an Islamic country and its leaders; shocking to hear the President  distort America's history in an attempt to appease Islam; and painful to watch the disrespect shown towards one of America's greatest of friend's and ally, Israel, since this Administration took over three years ago.  

    We each have our own way of defending America's values and supporting those who understand the issues facing Americans today.  Since 9/11, there have been thousands of folks who never spoke a word, trusting our government to handle matters in Washington, while we went about our business of raising families, working, and handling personal speed bumps along the way.  I was no different and never got involved with politics.

....That is a luxury none of us can afford today!

However, for the next week, we take time out to celebrate the joyfulness of our families.  For the Israelis, Hanukkah begins Tuesday, December 20th; for Christians, Christmas arrives on Sunday, December 25th. 

 It is a time for family.  A time to reflect and a time to be thankful that in America, we do have the freedom of speech that so many countries have never experienced.  

It is a time for baking and preparing for our guests and friends.  A time to light and place candles in the window, to show the light of God shining from within, to a world that lies in darkness.  A time for sharing both good food and perhaps, a gift that brings smiles to our loved ones and friends.  And always, a time for music!

A time to take a break ....

And with that in mind, I apologize for the slowness of posting articles this week, but I, too, have a huge family and must also begin preparing for the holiday celebrations. In between baking and shopping, I will attempt to post a few of the most serious of issues facing us today, but will not be spending as much time on the computer until after the holidays.

Wishing each and everyone a most blessed, joy-filled week to come and may each of you be refreshed, content, and healthy throughout the coming year.

Your friend, 
Bee Sting
Beautiful World - Blessed World

Richard Clayderman-SOUVENIRS D'ENFANCE

Ernesto Cortazar - Orchidea