Sunday, February 19, 2012

Barackbar fiddles while Jerusalem burns!

FEBRUARY 19, 2012
In Millennium Challenge 2002’s (MC02) war scenario, the enemy navylaunched a massive barrage of missiles which overwhelmed the US detection systems anddestroyed vessels – an aircraft carrier, ten cruisers, and five amphibious ships, and killed 20,000 Americans.

That's old news. New news is that Iran seems to be following the MC02 script.

Word around the Oval Office is that the usurper will avoid a conflict until after the November 2012 election. Barackbar still believes he can usurp another term! Hey, given that the newTwo-and-a Half Men is still on the air, anything is possible.
November will be too late to stop the Mad Dwarf Chimpanzoid (MDC) from realizing his wet-dream of owning, and unleashing, nuclear weapons. Barackbar knows that. So do the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Increasingly, so do even liberal Democrats. Perhaps, soon even the toadies in the enemedia will understand.

Barackbar will be shown to be the radical, un-American monster he really is. With all due respect to Maya Angelou, the man has done his job so poorly, it is surely the result of a malicious plan, masterfully executed.

Yes, that's just a way of saying he is a traitor.

Every genocide has been announced ahead of time. The idea of committing a genocide takes time to get used to. Admittedly in a Muslim country, killing Jews is religiously mandated and culturally acceptable, so the sell is not nearly so hard as it would be in a civilized country. But even Iran has had some window dressing to put up before it can proceed with actually wiping out Israel.

Increasingly, the MDC and the goat-beards, led by the Pope of Islam, Ayatollah Khameini, have preached and pontificated about the coming of the Endtimes and the ushering in of kosher times in a perfect Islamic world, if you will excuse the Mother of All Oxy-morons! 

Allah has cursed the Jews! Okay, not really Allah, he (she? it?) was conjured up by Mohamed who, psychopath that he is, hated Jews so much he wanted them wiped off the face of the Earth because they saw him for what he truly was--a lying, looting, raping, murdering paedophile! The proof is in the Koran and the Hadiths. Honestly, just think of any filthy, barbaric thing and it is kosher in Islam.

The Mad Dwarf Chimpanzoid (pronounced shim-pan-zoid) is just itching to again be bathed in heavenly light as he claimed to have been at the UN in 2005. This man is a devout Muslim. A Shiite who seethes with hatred of Sunnis as well as kafirs. A strike on Israel would elevated him to the peak of Muslim adoration.

It is Almost Midnight in the West. Barackbar cannot be allowed to sit on his skinny mulatto hiney while Iran becomes a nuclear power.

Bee's Note:
I have searched and posted news all morning on The Bee Sting Daily.  This particular article, posted by "Almost Midnight in the West" is a summary of the predominate news about Iran/Israel/Obama pulled from today's links across the Net.  The U.S. has sent more folks to Israel for a three-day talk (brow-beating to convince Israel Iran is not a threat!) ....
Israel cannot afford to listen to more of the "same" unconvincing arguments from the West; it will cost her dearly if she allows Obama to lead in matters of security.  Israel need only look to the U.S. and the alarming position Americans are in today, after almost 4 years of Obama's failed "leadership".