Thursday, February 23, 2012

Emails and Suggestions in Response to the Burning of the Koran

NOTE:  Shortly after posting "Obama Pledges to Punish Troops Responsible .. for burning Korans", I received an Email from a friend, and other suggestions that may bring some common sense approaches to this issue of our military's burning of the Koran.  I'll post the Email first:


 tried to do this that you can understandHowever, I am a person that can go wrongbecause it's written on my opinion onlyI must sayBut that's my thought.

If someone burns a book, and that his book, it makes it to his problem only what he wants to do with his property.  Look, friends, Moses broke the tablets, the erroneous act that Israel did. The plates were written in "finger of God".

If a Christian or Muslimbuying Israel's holy book, and they burn it, the book it's their property, not mine! I'm with the right to respond to something in how I feel, if someone burns my book - my property.  However, if in response, I would do an act of revenge, or bloodshed, - that's "the crazy" - he knows the way of madness.

More than that. The   Torah was given to-- humans (Not to angelsthat is not sinful - the Torah was given to people that they have a good instinctand made ​​opposite of good). Moses broke the tablets, because people have sinned against it.

That is, to the anger,That in order to/ the degree of anger from them, to By an act of/ to break the boards, as if "before the the Torah was given to them", and still the Torah in his hands, and still did not give it to them, if you - understand me (And create a situationthat the tablets are brokenand the children of Israel "did not receive the Torah still", and after that they be punished for an actcould Moses back up to Mount Sinai - and again lower theTorah - the second time from Mount Sinai - and they did. ) .

Bloodshed, worse than all and Muslims do bloodshed against those who "burn their papers" (I do not use the name of the book and give it a name an alias of - paperworkThat it's just paperworkwhich are written imaginings of someone eccentricthat wanted to be a prophetand believe in fantasies of himselfIf it was todayhe would finish in the hospital of the mentally ill.)

Know that according to my belief that perception, the world was created for humans, and humans are entirely creative, and the first commandment is"You shall not murder", and it is very different from "not kill". Torah says "You shall not murder".A person who sins against the skythat is, against the power of a spiritual elderhis life must remain in the value of lifethat every person is a person who isas distinct from an angelthe human is capable of sinand the ability to remorse and repentance for it.  

Muslim  that hurts a person that burned a book of Muslims, the Muslim has done a crimemore specificallythat book - not his property.  Who sinned against heaven that will receive punishment from heaven, not from people's handsPerson who sin against people, people may discuss itpersonis creating lockedeven when he sins against something of a sacredforbidden to discuss it to death

Islam is a religion that was created by an eccentric (see Wikipedia "Muhammad - a weirdo") and therefore with the holes of a sieve.

Second response (from Nick):

Here's the proper way to get rid of this damned book:

"Muslim scholar Allamah Haskafi, author of the 18th-century jurisprudence text Durr-Mukhtar, wrote of the disposal of the no-longer-wanted Qurans:

"If one decides to get rid of religious literature, the right thing would be to bury them by wrapping them in something pure first, in a place where people would not walk very rarely. Similarly, it would be permitted to tie the books and papers with something heavy and cast them into a flowing river. You may also burn (texts other than the Koran), but in this case, only after erasing the names of Allah, his Angels and his Messengers (peace and blessings be upon them all). As far the old and unusable Korans are concerned, it is not permitted to burn them unless there is no other way to dispose them."

Third response (from Ronald):

Then those prizoners who wrote on the Quran's to pass notes defiled the Quran and need to be executed by beating them with the Quran.

and, SEE BARE NAKED ISLAM's response:  

Burn a pile of papers ... while others shed blood

It is clear to most who is doing what ...!!

If I receive more comments/Emails, I will continue to post them here!