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"Nazi Collaborators" - Individuals and Organizations that Assisted the Third Reich

Note: Last year, the Military Channel hosted a series on "Nazi Collaborators" which premiered on Tuesday, October 4, 2011.  It boasts of having a viewership of 57 MILLION homes.  "These stories range from the heartbreaking to the infuriating, but all of them deliver on the Military Channel's promise to expand our viewers' understanding of the events and people who shaped the world we live in today."  Normally, once a Series has been viewed on TV, there are opportunities to purchase on DVD the entire Series.   I believe you can purchase the DVD here ...

Today, there is another power-hungry madman on the loose.  He makes the same type of threats against the West and the Jews - his name is Ahmadinejad.  Those nations and organizations in support of Ahmadinejad are rolling across the front pages of the newspapers; and whether they support for reasons of supplying their individual countries with energy and that black 'gold" - oil; or whether they support Iran because they agree with its "leaders" ideology, makes no difference - their names will be listed in future history books as those who supported evil; supported the hatred of killing all  the Jewish people; bringing together a "world-wide" view that Israel should be wiped off the map; and in the final solution, Iran's ideology will bring about an end to civilization as we all know it today.

Israel's friends and supporters say in disbelief, "Oh, no, that will never happen again!"  Really?  Have you been following the news today? Yesterday?  Months ago?  More and more countries and its leaders are down-playing Iran's threats, while demanding that Israel back down and not think about bombing Iran's nuclear sites, hidden deep within the mountains of Iran.

Has any nation, including the West, openly demanded that Iran cease and desist from its goals/agenda? I'm not talking about "sanctions" - sanctions that have to-date proven not to stop Iran's leaders from continuing their quest for nuclear capabilities.  

I am asking if any leader of the "free" world publicly informed Iran that their actions are unacceptable and if they continue their hellbent objective, there will be consequences that will bring about an end to their threats?!  None!  I do not see one nation in this world standing by Israel and saying to her leaders, "We're with you 100%; no one will harm your citizens, and just say the word and we'll back you up when push comes to shove and you need our assistance".

Next month, Prime Minister Netanyahu will be arriving in the United States and meeting with President Obama.  Will there be an open Press Conference?  Will our administration join in with the numerous leaders and organizations demanding Israel "back down", or will we hear those long-awaited words from President Obama - "Israel, we have your back and are with you 100%"?

Will history be kind to us, or will we be numbered with so many in this world today, who prefer to defend the tyrant in Iran?  Will we be numbered among the "Collaborators" or, as the one nation who had the courage to stand with the only democracy in the Middle East and friend, Israel?

[09/28/11 - 12:15 PM]
Military Channel's New Series "Nazi Collaborators" Premieres on Tuesday, October 4 at 10 PM ET
The 13-episode series "sheds light on the individuals and organizations outside of the Third Reich that assisted - knowingly or unknowingly - the Nazis in their evil quest."

[via press release from Military Channel]
- NAZI COLLABORATORS premieres on Tuesday, October 4 at 10 PM ET -
(Silver Spring, MD) - History at times prefers to forget, write off or cover up stories that are too embarrassing or too inconvenient for some. But Military Channel's compelling new series NAZI COLLABORATORS sheds light on the individuals and organizations outside of the Third Reich that assisted - knowingly or unknowingly - the Nazis in their evil quest to conquer Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This series exposes the truths behind the often overlooked stories of World War II, including Jewish political leaders who helped manage the relocation of fellow Jews from the Polish ghettos to concentration camps; puppet "fuehrers" in occupied territories like Croatia, Holland and Belgium; as well as the shocking alliance between Germany and the Irish Republican Army (IRA), which subscribed to the belief that their enemy's enemy is their friend in the struggle against Britain. While historians debate the rationales of these collaborators, which ranged from self-preservation to twisted reasoning of faith, all of them contributed to the Nazis' deadly war efforts. Featuring rare footage from that terrifying era, contemporary interviews with eyewitnesses and historians, and historic reconstructions to illustrate key events, NAZI COLLABORATORS premieres on Tuesday, October 4 at 10 PM ET on the Military Channel.

"Many of these stories have been passed over by history, but NAZI COLLABORATORS brings to light the startling partnerships forged in the wake of the Third Reich's devastating hunger for power," said Ed Hersh, senior vice president of content strategy for Military Channel. "These stories range from the heartbreaking to the infuriating, but all of them deliver on the Military Channel's promise to expand our viewers' understanding of the events and people who shaped the world we live in today."

NAZI COLLABORATORS features 13 episodes including:
· THE IRA CONSPIRACY - Tuesday, October 4 at 10 PM ET The Irish Republican Army's collaborated with the Nazis on an audacious plan for an invasion that would topple the British government.
· TRAITOR IN CHIEF - Tuesday, October 11 at 10 PM ET Pierre Laval was the French Prime Minister who turned on his nation, pledged his allegiance to the Nazis, and ultimately paid the price for his treachery.
· HITLER'S INSIDE MAN - Tuesday, October 18 at 10 PM ET Chaim Rumkowski was considered a traitor after he was handpicked to lead the Jewish council governing the Lodz ghetto and assisted the Nazis with the sinister logistics of the Final Solution.
· JEWS WHO FOUGHT FOR HITLER - Tuesday, October 25 at 10 PM ET Facing discrimination or worse, many Germans who were considered to have Jewish ancestry chose to go along with the Nazis and risk their own lives for Adolf Hitler.
· HITLER OR DEATH - Tuesday, November 1 at 10 PM ET Belgian Leon Degrelle was a strong supporter of Hitler and ended up betraying everything that he once believed in - his faith, his country and his people.
· HITLER'S EXECUTIONERS - Tuesday, November 8 at 10 PM ET The awful truth is that some of the worst offenders responsible for the Holocaust were not German, and few were worse than the Latvian Viktor Arajs, who formed his own unit known as Arajs Kommando and assisted with the genocide of over 30,000 Latvian Jews.
· BEAST OF THE BALKANS - Tuesday, November 15 at 10 PM ET The Croatian fascist movement was established by the Nazis as the puppet regime controlling the "independent" state of Croatia and devoted members like Dinko Sakic oversaw brutal concentration camps.
· HITLER'S PATSY - Tuesday, November 22 at 10 PM ET Vidkun Quisling was the self-proclaimed Norweigan Fuehrer, whose loyalty paved the way for a quick political rise, but whose incompetence led to a hard and much faster fall.
· GOD OR EVIL - Tuesday, November 29 at 10 PM ET Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, met with Hitler to discuss how Germany might help with the creation of a Palestinian homeland free of British rule.
· THE ZEALOT - Tuesday, December 6 at 10 PM ET Anton Adriaan Mussert was leader of the Dutch Nazi Party and used by Hitler's appointed Reichskommisar to rally support for the Nazi cause in Holland.
· THE DEVIL'S DUE - Tuesday, December 13 at 10 PM ET The Greek government was completely subordinate to the Nazi occupation authorities and, while the country's resistance movement was legendary, many assisted in the Nazis' efforts to perpetuate the Holocaust.
· HITLER'S KILLER POLICE - Tuesday, December 20 at 10 PM ET When the Nazis entered Ukraine and Lithuania, they were often greeted as liberators from Soviet occupation, and these countries proved to be fertile grounds to recruit militia units for some of Adolf Hilter's atrocities.
· THE GREAT DECEIVERS - Tuesday, December 27 at 10 PM ET After Finland defended itself from Stalin and did not receive support from Britain and France, the Finnish leaders had to turn to Nazi Germany for assistance as "co-belligerents" against Russia.

NAZI COLLABORATORS is produced by WMR Productions and IMG Entertainment with Matthew Barrett as executive producer. For Military Channel, John Terp is producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Ed Hersh is senior vice president of content strategy, and Henry Schleiff is president and general manager.
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