Monday, March 5, 2012

Breaking: Iran tested nuke in North Korea

ISRAEL MATZAV - BY Carl in Jerusalem

Germany's Die Welt is reporting that Iran tested a nuclear weapon in North Korea in early 2010.
The paper's report is based on "Western intelligence agencies sources," and says that the test, in fact, refutes US intelligence assessments suggesting there is no "hard evidence" that Iran is building nuclear weapons.


The Die Welt noted that evidence of the 2010 nuclear tests in North Korea was published in early February in Nature Magazine.

According to the report, Swedish nuclear physicist Lars-Erik de Geer analyzed data "showing the presence of radioisotopes that betrayed a uranium bomb explosion."

"After a year of work, (de Geer) concluded that North Korea carried out two small nuclear tests in April and May 2010 that caused explosions in the range of 50–200 tons of TNT equivalent.

"The types and ratios of isotopes detected… suggest that North Korea was testing materials and techniques intended to boost the yield of its weapons," the report said.
The Nature article is here. It does not mention Iran.


and, from ISRAEL MATZAV - MARCH 5, 2012

'Palestinians' seethe over Obama AIPAC speech

In an earlier post, I mentioned the 'Palestinian' struggle to stay relevant. It is perhaps indicative of how irrelevant the 'Palestinians' have suddenly become, that this post has been pushed back by several hours by much more urgent news (and may yet be pushed back more since Prime Minister Netanyahu is meeting with President Obama as I type this). The World's spoiled children don't like being relegated to irrelevance. So they are throwing a tantrum. This time, their target is President Obama's speech at AIPAC on Sunday (as an aside - Obama should have devoted the entire speech to Iran and then the 'Palestinians' would have nothing to criticize, but Obama kept his friend Ali Abunimah happy by spending way too much time on the 'Palestinians' before he got to Iran).
Palestinian Authority chief negotiator Saeb Erekat on Monday expressed disappointment at US President Barack Obama's address to the AIPAC annual policy conference on Sunday.

"This speech is part of Obama’s election campaign," Erekat said in an interview with the Palestinian Ma'an News Agency.

In a speech devoted largely to the Iranian threat, Obama reiterated his opposition to the Palestinians' unilateral efforts for recognition at the United Nations and emphasized that any Palestinian partner for peace must "recognize Israel’s right to exist, and reject violence, and adhere to existing agreements."

"Unfortunately, the speech ignored the requirements for peace as it did not touch on urging Israel to accept the two-state solution, halt settlement activities, and stop imposing facts on the ground," Erekat stated.
Saeb, go wash some more bottles. Even Netanyahu accepted the 'two-state solution' nearly three years ago. But life goes on Saeb. You and your friends have missed the boat. A 'Palestinian state' is well on its way to irrelevance.

YNet adds:
"President Obama's statements aren't only disappointing, but also lack a vision for the future of peace," PLO Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi said. "It was clear to everyone that his speech was a campaign speech."

Speaking to reporters in Ramallah, Ashrawi expressed misgivings over the US' ability to broker peace in the region, reproving the Obama administration for "doing everything to please Israel."
Obama has been the most pro-'Palestinian' President ever, and the United States is the only country with which even a modicum of trust exists on both sides. Whom does Ashrawi propose replace it? I wonder what the 'Palestinians' will say if Santorum or Gingrich replaces Obama and then there is no one who is willing to listen to their whining in Washington.
The politician also voiced concern about the discourse between the US and Israel over Iran's nuclear program, warning that the threats that dominate the conversation could have dire consequences.

"It's easy to start a military adventure, but it would be very difficult to contain it," she said.
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Who does Ashrawi think will stop Iran? Does she thing that if Iran - God forbid - nukes Israel, the 'Palestinians' can hide in their mosques (yes, I know she's Christian) and escape?

And another quote from Saeb:
"Regardless of the content of Netanyahu and Obama's conversation, the peace issue and the two state solution will remain the central topic that must be addressed," he added, alluding to reports that the Washington meeting is to revolve around Iran's nuclear development.
Let's go to the videotape.