Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obama Mulls Giving Russia Top Secret Data On U.S. Missile Defense Shield…


This guy has to be stopped. ABO 2012.
(Reuters) – The Obama administration disclosed on Tuesday that it is considering sharing some classified U.S. data as part of an effort to allay Russian concerns about a controversial antimissile shield.
The administration is continuing negotiations begun under former President George W. Bush on a defense technical cooperation agreement with Moscow that could include limited classified data, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Brad Roberts told a House of Representatives’ Armed Services subcommittee.
He gave no details on the sort of data that might be shared under such an agreement.
Russia strongly opposes the U.S.-engineered bulwark being built in and around Europe against ballistic missiles that could be fired by countries like Iran.
Army Lieutenant General Patrick O’Reilly, the head of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency, said he had no knowledge of any move to share with Moscow any classified information on the U.S. technology used to knock out target missiles.
Panel chairman Michael Turner said last November that he would oppose any Obama administration effort to provide Russia information on the so-called burnout velocity of Raytheon Co Standard Missile-3 interceptors, a key part of the layered defense.
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  1. Dapandico says:
    And Russia will pass if off to Iran. Israel needs to strike now.
  2. Kevin in Brownsburg says:
    Surely the russkies wouldn’t use that knowledge to try to find a weakness to exploit? Na, Dear Leader is too smart to be played by the resurgent russia, just ask any of the two people who’ve seen his transcripts.
  3. a former dem says:
    This is america’s first anti-american president.
  4. Dapandico says:
    Russia has hit the reset button.
  5. gastorgrab says:
    The only group that Obama willing to wage war against, the only people he is willing to take decisive action against, are his political opponents back home.
  6. Papoose says:
    no kidding.
    America is under siege on all fronts by its own Government.
  7. nevergiveup says:
    One way or another, Obama is bound and determined to bring America down to her knees.
  8. Ms. Hickster says:
    placing this also here….
    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. – Thomas Jefferson
  9. Steve Mack says:
  10. 7777777 says:
    Obama Mulls Giving Russia Top Secret Data On U.S. Missile Defense Shield…
    That in its self should and will stop obama from being elected..
    If he does that he should be arrested for treason………
  11. NWMN says:
    Impeachable offense?
    If he loses reelection the Wookie will probably hold a yard sale at the Pentagon.
  12. Jimco says:
    Obama will give Pootin the details when they get intimate at Camp David. Pillow talk.
  13. Holder's AK-47s kill Mexicans says:
    Who says it’s “controversial?”