Monday, March 26, 2012

President Obama, Why did you bypass Congress?!

Hello, dear readers and good friends, my name is Joe P. Reagan. I have one question on my mind today: President Obama, during these terse economic times, why the hell did you just bypass Congress and give the Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 billion dollars.

Several times in the past, including a State of the Union address and trips through various states, Obama has made it pretty clear that he has no qualms with bypassing Congress. The entire Checks and Balances thing that our founding fathers and subsequent leaders developed just doesn’t seem palatable to this Harvard man’s liberal elite palate, I guess.

When in Colorado, Obama stated that he would bypass Congress if they did not agree with some of his economic polices. “And where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it for ourselves.”

During lunch with my friends today in the DC metro, one of them seem troubled. To keep his privacy, all I will say is he works in the legislature. A little birdie on his shoulder made an announcement that Hillary Clinton will be making by the time of this report, if not a bit before. Obama is giving $1.5 billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood. Naturally, our Congress did not approve this measure.
muslim brotherhood flag President Obama, Why Did You Bypass Congress and Give the Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 Billion Dollars Today?
Muslim Brotherhood burns upside down US flag to show affection and love for us, naturally meriting an unCongress approve check for $1.5 billion dollars. Did Obama sign it <3 the American people?
For those wondering how the Muslim Brotherhood feels about America, here is an image to help you out.
Those are the guys Obama just gave $1.5 billion, as a means of ‘aid’ to Egypt and to help them solidify their authority.  I’m guessing they won’t be buying us any Hallmark Thank You cards for our little token of affection.
I don’t know about you, but $1.5 billion sounds like a bunch of money to send to people who hate you so much, that they wake up in the morning, pray, take time to unwrinkle their robes, throw on head-gear and walk the family 30 miles through war-earned rubble and brutal desert heat to gather around the one guy burning an upside-down US flag.
Just think about how the day is going for these people:  they are centering all their effort around angrily yelling and burning an US flag.  Obama, this means they probably do not like us.  So again, why the hell are we giving them $1.5 billion dollars?
Doesn’t NASA need to start building some new shuttles?  Our college students, aren’t we talking about cutting out Pell Grants and tuition for them?  Aren’t responsible homeowners smacked by the recession in need of a little cash to get back on their feet?  Hell, I’d even pay for every prisoner to get a nice HDTV in their air-conditioned cells before giving these future anti-America brotherhood one bit of cash.
There is a reason Congress restricted  military aid to Egypt.  There was provision that ”unless the State Department certifies that Egypt is making progress on basic freedoms and human rights,” we were to halt all aid.  Egypt is not only making zero progress on any type of rights, but the government-to-be is anti-American.  Iran is already jonesing to build a nuke and wipe out Israel.  Did we forget that Egypt lead the last Islamic war against Israel, not even 50 years ago?  Do you think this theocratic nation of ruling grandfathers is telling their sons to go play kiss and make up with the Jews?
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Obama joins the Muslim brotherhood in burning all that is sacred to America. Be it flag or Constitution, setting flame to either is showing flagrant disregard to America's tradition of freedom, applied bona-fide jurisprudence in checks and balances and our Christian tradition and heritage.
I don’t think so!  How about you, good readers?  Do you really think Obama is wise in giving the Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 billion dollars?  Do you think he should really bypass Congress and the Constitution to aide foreign terrorists?
Egyptians have long persecuted Christians and every other person who is not practicing Islam.  The reports of abuse of Christians by Egypt and its theocratic allies is sickening and beyond criminal.  One of the new candidates for Egyptian presidency and favorite among the Muslim brotherhood is running a successful campaign based one a simple platorm:  America is an infidel country that allows Christians, so they will always be our enemy.
In spite of all this, Obama has agreed to resume funding for Egypt’s military, controlled by the Muslim brotherhood.  America will be sending to Egypt $1.5 billion of our dollars.  This will happen despite Egypt’s continued violation of human rights and the fact that the people there do not really like America.
Senator Leahy, a Democrat, is already speaking out on this issue:  “I believe [sending the money is] a mistake.  The new restriction was intended to put the United Sates squarely on the side of the Egyptian people who seek a civilian government that respects fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, and to clearly define the terms of our future relations with the Egyptian military.”
At this point, we can assume Egypt will conspire to build up an anti-American government and build up a strong, anti-US military.  Then, we will be forced to go overthrow another genocidal dictator in 30 years or so, our troops fighting against weapons bought by one stubborn president who liked to dance on the Constitution and not take the advice of Congress.