Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bibi and Barak - give the IDF the equipment to defend our honor and our lives!

Defend our country, our people and our soldiers!

Yehudit Tayar..
19 April '12..

Yesterday the media had a field day with the suspension of Lt. Colonel Shalom Eisner following the coverage of how a demonstrator was hit by him. How sadly reminiscent is the coverage of this incident between Israel, the IDF and the anarchists who came to try and destroy our country and people. It brings to mind the "documented coverage" of the actions of our armed soldiers as they were portrayed running after young Arabs during the violent uprisings in the 1980's without showing the reason for the chase.

The selective coverage portraying our brave soldiers as monsters who strike the innocent, without showing the violence directed both verbally and physically against our security forces, is aimed at directing negative world opinion against Israel and not at the truth.

This situation is painfully familiar to us when the world points an accusatory finger against Israel in each and every situation. Terror against Israel is rampant and when we send our soldiers to prevent and fight the terror bases, the world convenes to condemn Israel for inhumanity. Families are slaughtered in their sleep, including innocent children and babies, in their homes while the so-called "Peace partners", the Palestinian Authority, officially commends the murderers as "heroes of their people".

Daily we suffer violent attacks by terrorists who willfully aim rocks and bombs at civilian vehicles which sometimes end in brutal murders such as that of Asher Palmer and his small infant son, Yonatan, HY"D when the huge rock that was aimed at the front windshield of his car murdered both of them.

Did we EVER hear a condemnation of such brutality???? Never did we hear the heads of the PA speak out against violence or instruct their people to try and live in peaceful coexistence with their Jewish neighbors. On the contrary, they officially call for violence and demand never to accept our existence here in our eternal homeland.

It is time for the Israeli government to wake up and realize that compliance to violence whether verbal or physical only encourages more violence. It is time for our soldiers to be equipped with cameras as an integral part of their military gear, in order to enable them to portray the truth of the situations that they encounter daily.

It is also time we not allow enemies of the State of Israel to freely demonstrate, and to encourage violence both verbal and physical against Israel, her citizens and military personal. Instead, we must ensure that those anarchists do not enter our country and collaborate with the enemies of Zionism, and the eternal Homeland of the Jewish people.

These situations demand that a sober responsible leadership, a true Minister of Defense and government, would first of all give credit to a brave officer and clearly state that the situation demands a thorough investigation as to all of the details, before making any statement as to the behavior of the IDF. Remembering how many times, as in the al-Dura accusations against Israeli soldiers, it was proven a blatant lie, and that it was the Arabs themselves who shot and killed the boy and not Israeli troops. If it were not for Phillip Karsenty from France and his battle against the blatant lies, Channel 2 France would continue to accuse Israeli soldiers for the murder of this child, and for this we are eternally grateful to him, and to his struggle to clear our names.

The Israeli government must take responsibility, and especially the Minister of Defense in these situations to first and foremost allow our soldiers the equipment to document these violent situations, and protect not only their bodies but their spirits and reputation as well.

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