Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Note:  I came across Vladtepes article this morning.  The brief article was printed last December.  However, his comments and insight about America's true enemy and the absolute denial by our representatives in Washington about Islam (and the Middle East) should be shared with every single American - it's just plain common sense. .... Bee Sting
December 4, 2011
How could Lenin be so stupid?
How could Hitler be so stupid?

Why didn't Communism just walk in and take over America?
Because it didn't call itself a religion.

Why didn't Nazism just walk in and take over America?
Because it didn't call itself a religion.

If only Hitler and Lenin had known that the American Constitution would roll out the red carpet for any "self declared" religion.
If only they had known that the American Constitution would have provided them with all the protection and tools and weapons they needed to conquer America, if only they had called their ideology a religion.

What a waste all the panzers and stukas - "Hi I'm imam Hitler, I'm here with my millions of religious nazi colonists to build up the Third Reich in America" "Oh, ok, no problem, anything we can do for you?".
If only they had known that the American people are so stupid that they allow anyone to call themselves a religion "no questions asked".
America doesn't get to define what a religion is -  no requirements, no criterion, no litmus test, no comparison to other accepted religions, no list of fundamental beliefs needed, no discernment, no "discrimination" ( 'cuz that's "racial" ).
No prerequisites - you want to come to our country and overthrow the government - no problem.
Your fundamental beliefs are the exact opposite of our fundamental beliefs - no problem.
Your laws violate our laws - that's ok, we'll just junk ours and go with yours.
You want to rape our women, turn them into slaves and dress them in garbage bags -  "well now, uh.. wait a minute, uhh.. I don't kn...hey hey hey, don't go all cave man on me. OK, well, as long as that's part of Your religion, I guess you have the right".

We'll just trash everything we've worked for, and fought for, and died for, for the last 300 years - 3000 years, since our civilization is called "Western Civilization".

Maybe the Founders were right to put "freedom of religion" in the Constitution.
Maybe It just never occured to them that anyone could be so stupid as to accept as a true religion every "self declared" organized crime syndicate like islam.

Just like when they said that only a
"natural born citizen" could be president, they never thought that presidential candidates could just "self declared themselves legitimate" no questions asked.

Maybe if I ask if your "religion" is a real religion I'm being "judgemental".
Maybe if I ask if you're actually a constitutionally legitimate candidate for president I'm being "judgemental".

"Sorry. My bad." - NOT!