Sunday, April 15, 2012

Please Keep Our Friend Zilla in Your Prayers

Note:  Zilla of Resistance is the name of the Conservative blog, and Zilla is a dear friend.  She has touched the hearts of many folks and now, it is our turn to reach out to her. Zilla is suffering from "late" stage Lyme Disease. Complications have made this a battle for her life and her illness has also taken a toll on her immediate family (husband and children).  Please take a moment to visit her blog to leave her a note of encouragement.  You will see that many friends are praying.  And, if you are able to do so, hit her "Tip Jar", and be blessed in so doing.  I am sharing a note from "Lonely Conservative", which explains the latest update on Zilla's health and well being.  Thank you.    Bee Sting

April 14, 2012

My friend and fellow blogger Zilla is still having a really rough time. She’s been ill for quite some time, and was finally diagnosed with late stage Lyme Disease. The treatment regimen has brought on new and  terrible symptoms. I’ll let her explain.
This is a medical update post. As most of you know by now, I am very ill with advanced late stage Lyme Disease and I am also positive for Ehrlichiois, which is another tick borne infection, I may have others but the tests are notorious for false negatives so right now I am being treated for what I’ve tested positive for and then they will treat me based on clinical evidence for whatever else my still existing symptoms imply that I may also have.
I was hoping I’d be improving by now, but I seem to get sicker by the day, with each day bringing some new variant of feeling horrible such as nausea, vomiting, gagging, dry heaves, dizziness, fainting, bone pain, random uncontrollable limb twitching, weird muscle spasms, vision problems, miserable skin irritation, and always being just so damned tired, along with the neurological and cognitive issues I have been experiencing on & off, which is known in the Lyme community as “brain fog” and now I have a new scary thing to deal with and I am hoping someone reading this may have an idea of what the hell it is. (Read More)
Please keep her in your prayers, she needs all the support she can get during this tough time.
Also, don’t forget to check yourself and your kids for ticks when you spend time outside. We were talking to a friend of ours the other day who is a family doctor and he told us his practice has seen a lot of patients this spring to have ticks removed. Early detection of Lyme Disease is key if you want to avoid the hell poor Zilla’s been going through.

Update: Via Zilla in the comments, health professionals are warning that this is going to be a very bad year for ticks and Lyme disease, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the symptoms and prevention measures.

Our friend also told us you can get a tick when you mow the lawn, and if you have pets that go outside they can bring them into your house.

Update 2: If you have time to watch a long film about Lyme disease, and how its treatment is effected (negatively) by politics, be sure to check out this post at Zilla’s. It’s very disturbing.