Monday, April 16, 2012

Sudan shows world class technique in oil field!

Often derided for a paucity of technical and intellectual skills, Muslims are world-class killers and ransackers.  And liars, of course. The trifecta of evil traits! 
Muslim Sudan denied bombing an oil field in Christian South Sudan into the stone age.  But a Christian reported from the scene, They are bombing the central processing facility and the tanks to rubble as we speak. I'll believe a Christian over a Muslim any day. 
The destruction of the oil field has deprived Sudan of about  60,000 barrels daily.  Muslims destroy things even if it hurts themselves. Their hatred for Christians and Jews is pathological.
This is the worst fighting since South Sudan declared its independence in July. If you have Muslim neighbours, you have trouble.
On Tuesday, South Sudan reseized control of the Heglig oilfield which is in South Sudan. 
On Sunday, South Sudan's military (SPLA) spokesman Philip Aguer said by phone that Sudanese aircraft were continuing efforts to dislodge southern forces from the area, subjecting them to an aerial bombardment. 
Worsening violence in recent weeks has all but killed hopes that the two countries will reach a swift agreement on disputed issues such as the demarcation of their 1,800-km (1,200-mile) border, the division of national debt and the status of citizens in each other's territory.  
Sudan has already pulled out of talks over those and other issues. It says it will not return to the negotiating table until the South pulls out of Heglig.
Egypt's Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr arrived at Khartoum, Sudan on Sunday for talks.
We are trying to preserve blood and resources and find a peaceful solution, because this issue does not just concern the two countries, but all their neighbouring countries, he told reporters in Khartoum, adding he will travel to Juba, South Sudan on Monday.
You know you are between a rock and a hard place when Egypt acts as a mediator. Egypt is on Sudan's side. Sudan wants South Sudan's oil and also wants to charge exorbitant fees for using the pipeline to ship the oil to Sudan! 

So chalk up South Sudan as another place where Muslims are persecuting and killing Christians.  Does anyone care? Do you hear outrage from the millions of peaceful Muslims who are shocked, simply shocked that any Muslim would hurt a fly?

It is Almost Midnight in the West. We dare not lose the War for Civilization. Join the New Crusade to defeat Islam. Start by reading the Koran.