Saturday, September 29, 2012

ISRAEL MATZAV: Why does Hillary Clinton need Huma to meet with Bibi?

Haaretz's Barak Ravid tweeted this photo of Hillary Clinton arriving at the Regency Hotel in New York for her Thursday meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

In a tweeted response, Laura Rozen identified the other people in the picture. That's Hillary in the front. The lady to her left (our right) in the blue pantsuit and pink wrap is Wendy Sherman, the United States' Iranian negotiator. The tall, thin guy behind her is policy planning chief Jake Sullivan. And the woman to Sullivan's right (our left) with the brown shirt, white necklace and off white pants is Hillary's administrative aide Muslim Brotherhood representative Huma Abedin.

What the heck is Huma doing there? Taking notes? For whom?

posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 1:29 PM - ISRAEL MATZAV

Bee's note:
Two comments were posted on Israel Matzav :
Blogger Noah David Simon said...
Hillary Clinton acts like a freshman Wellesley College girl. Bringing her mob of girls because alone she feel awkward. It's amateur hour at the State Dept, Can't she owe up to a lousy policy? Does she have to bring her female flock with her? Diplomacy does not go down like this. These are the type of feminists that send a gay man to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood. Just hope that Bibi doesn't get raped in the ass as well.
2:04 PM
Blogger Will said...
Very good question Carl......Is there anyone in that group that likes Jews?
2:29 PM

and, my comment is this:
How can any ally of the United States place their trust in this administration, knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House, State Department, Homeland Security and all federal organizations since Obama took office?  It must have been difficult for PM Netanyahu to sit through this farce of a meeting with Hillary, after the Israeli delegation at the UN walked out of Ahmadinejad's speech and the U.S delegation stayed to listen.  

Sitting with Iran

If you liked Ahmadinejad's hateful rant at the UN, you'll love these other clowns who enjoy lecturing the world each year about human rights while suppressing freedom in their own countries!
Wouldn't you LIKE the UN to act on real, daily human rights abuses in the Arab world?...Stand with Us

With clowns like this, no one should wonder why PM Netanyahu drew a simplistic drawing of the "red line" .  The world has ignored every warning sign to-date.  I compare Bibi's drawing to the example given by Clint Eastwood, of the "empty" chair.  Long after the speeches are forgotten, the two things that will be remembered are: an empty chair and PM Netanyahu's "red line" drawing. ........ Bee Sting

In closing, here is Israel Matzav's post on "Obama's red line:

Obama's red line on the Iranian nuclear threat

Do you think that Barack Hussein Obama doesn't have a red line on the Iranian nuclear threat? Well, you're wrong. Here it is (Hat Tip: Jack W):

Sad but probably true.