Sunday, September 23, 2012

Obummer to denounce Free Speech at the U.N.

Bee's note:  Visions of the horrific murder of Ambassador Stevens remain in my mind as the Muslims rioted in the streets these past weeks, burned the American flag, and attempted to topple American embassies.  Meanwhile, the Obama administration paid $70,000 in an ad played in Pakistan to appease these Muslims.  Pakistan, of all places!  Pakistan, the country that hid bin-Laden for over 5 years!  Pakistan, the Muslim country murdering Christians!  Pakistan, the country that has received BILLIONS of DOLLARS in U.S. "aid".  This aid condemned America's free speech, so why should I doubt that Obama would again repeat his apology in front of the United Nations on Tuesday?  

With every apology Obama makes for our great country, he shames all Americans.  He undermines our Constitution and the troops who have fought for our freedoms before and after September 11,2001.  This will be Obama's legacy - that of an appeaser to savages who all have the blood on their hands of Americans.

I will go so far as to say that Obama has become the brute savage he appeases.  He stands with them, has played the fool these past 4 years, and in the process has made America less safe.

I have just reviewed the topics that will be debated on October 3 between Romney and Obama - none include foreign policy.  Why?!  The destruction of America without, and the economy issues within, are all part of the complete package by this administration.  

Obummer to denounce Free Speech at the U.N.

There is only one legitimate American response to the rampaging Muslims and Blasphemy Riots. That is to explain the double-sided coin of Freedom, state in no uncertain terms Americans do not apologize for Free Speech, vow to defend Freedom with every last bit of awe-inspiring force at America's disposal, and tell Muslims to quit acting like the barbarian portrayed in Innocence of Muslims (a likeness of Muhammad they dispute with their mouths, but mimic with their actions). 

Unfortunately, Obummer bears no resemblance to an American. The world will not hear words like those above coming from America. Instead, Obummer plans to continue his fruitless campaign to appease the marauding Muhammadans by denouncing the exercise of Free Speech and attaching his lips to every Muslim butt his mouth can reach. 


(USA Today) President Obama will address "the recent unrest in the Muslim world" in his speech Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly, the White House is saying.

That includes denouncing both the protests at American diplomatic posts in the Middle East -- including the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya -- and the anti-Islam film that is inspiring some of the protests.
"As he has in recent days, the President will make it clear that we reject the views in this video, while also underscoring that violence is never acceptable," said National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor in a memo on Obama's upcoming U.N. speech. continue reading

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