Monday, October 22, 2012

Ambassador Stevens was involved in gun-running to Al Qaeda - video

Bee's Note:  Good morning!  Count-down to November 6th elections are just 15 days away!  Are you ready, America, to take our country back from an Administration that has worked these past FOUR years to "transform America" .. into a transformation FOREIGN to the United States of America!  
This evening, at 9 PM (EST) the last Presidential debate will be televised and before the biased Media begins to lie about Obama's brilliant responses to Romney's comments and before this same Media has the world believing "Obama is the winner", I hope you take a moment to listen to the following video.  Why?  Because even though Obama will attempt to proclaim that since Osama bin-Laden is dead and his policies are the best since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, what happened in Libay that contributed to the deaths of four Americans (video), this video will demonstrate that Obama and his entire administration has lied to the American people (and the world!).  The cover-up continues, leaving our nation in dire straights - unsafe and insecure from present and future terrorist attacks.
Foreign policy failure costs lives; Clinton fails and Obama is AWOL
Obama has chose our very enemies to be called "allies", while stripping our long-term friendships with our true friends and allies of the ability to trust America.  The "free" world is depending upon our wisdom to elect trustworthy leaders and that, dear friends, means voting Obama out of Office on November 6th - Election Day.
Fast and Furious is one cover-up this administrations.
The attacks in Libya is another cover-up.  And, if this video (below) is correct in its information about arming our Islamic enemies, I would suggest that Romny tie these two horrific incidents together - as both are dealing with arming the criminals/terrorists and that seems to be the norm for Obama and his administration.
They say you "mirror" your associates .... Obama's mirror has many cracks in it - all of which are un-American and criminal in nature.  Executive Orders and demands to drop Congressional investigations should be made to cease and desist immediately!  
Remember, Nixon's "Impeachment" due to lies and cover-ups, while criminal in nature, did not involve the deaths of Americans.  If it were not for the upcoming elections, Obama should be under investigation for Impeachment proceedings.
Now, if you aren't aware of this Conservative blogger, CAN-YOU-HEAR-US-NOW, please take a moment to visit there site and "subscribe", or "follow" on their Facebook page for updated information, videos, and news.  I just came across their link this morning and consider it an amazing Conservative blog.
Now, to their video, where we learn exactly who Ambassador Steven's met with on the night of his murder ... can anyone say "Turkey"?!!

October 21, 2012