Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Was Obama Wearing An Earphone During Debate With Romney (You Decide)



There is no doubt that Obama has done much better in the second and third debate then he did in the first. However, for those who were still undecided by the time the debates started, Obama lost them all. In the first debate, Obama needed to come out strong, aggressive, and on fire. Unfortunately he came out flat, unresponsive, and cold as a dead fish. That can happen to individuals who are so bad at speaking that they need teleprompters when speaking to 6th graders. Well the debate rules do not allow teleprompters to be used, which left Obama at a huge disadvantage against a man who speaks from his heart. Thus the accusation by some that Obama was using an earphone to get the edge he needed.
It's not a secret that Obama uses ear pieces, because there are numerous photos that show him wearing one at various functions.(photos below) Sadly for Obama, he could have been given the use of a computer with online access and he still would be losing big to Romney. Most Americans know the difference between a person speaking to them from their heart, and when their trying to scam them. That's why the MSM pundits have said that Obama won the second and third debates, but the viewers at home have said Romney won. Now that the charge is out there that Obama may be using an ear piece, even more voters will have had enough of Obama's ineptness.

(Obama adjusts ear piece in photos above)

Looking at Obama last night showed how he seemed attentive to something at his side but his eyes weren't moving or focused on anything. In other words, he wasn't trying to read something, but he was definitely paying attention to something to his side. I suppose listening to an earpiece would do that, since one's response might be to turn towards the sound. As I watched the debate, I almost expected him to adjust the ear piece for better hearing as he does often, as the photos above show.
That said, I do think those who support Obama will claim the photos are either photo shopped or from some other time when Obama needed an ear piece like at the United Nations when most politicians need them to hear the translators. For those on my side of the political isle, they will look at the photos and think it makes perfect sense.
After all, we are talking about a guy the Government Accountability Institute reported had attended less then half of the daily intelligence briefings. These are daily briefings that inform the president about the most critical intelligence threats to the country. Meetings by the way, that every president since before Lincoln attended. That is why it makes sense that he would be using an ear piece during a debate on foreign affairs where a teleprompter is not allowed, he has no clue what is going on over seas. All he ever does when he visits other leaders is continue his apology tour as the video at the bottom shows.
Check out the photo below from the third debate, and tell me if you think he is wearing an ear piece or not. I myself am not yet convinced he is wearing one of those clear earpieces. However, I do remember how the left went nuts over an accusation in 2004 that George Bush was wearing one and their evidence was a bulge in his jacket. I also remember the left accusing Sarah Palin of wearing an earpiece in 2008. Then there is this report about Romney possibly wearing one during a debate in 2008.So now it comes full circle with the speculation about their man, Obama, wearing one based on his performances in the second and third debate.  As FOX News says, I report, now you decide.

Obama apologizes to the world for Americas so-called evils


During the second debate, I watched Obama call an audience member the wrong name, freeze, act like he was listening for 2 seconds. No one in the room corrected him, but he then corrected himself.
Since then, I watched carefully and I'm convinced he wore an earpiece for the second and third debate.
From what I have read and heard from others, you are one of millions who are convinced he was using an ear piece after he lost so bad in the first debate.