Monday, October 22, 2012

Egyptian President Morsi Joins Preacher in Prayer for Destruction and Dispersal of the Jews

Obama's Foreign Policy Fraud has Come Undone!

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Here are a few comments left on this You Tube video:
  • Proud ISRAELI !
    but it must hurt them sooo much knowing that there are muslims in the IDF fighting next to jews xD
  • ...." I will Bless those who bless you,But I will curse anyone who curses you; and by you all the families of the earth will be blessed. " Genesis 12:3
  • Hitler's ghost hangs around every Mosque with a sly smile on his face...
  • I am Israel - believe and proud - in my people. In one God. In God of Israel, and I always came for the blessing ,and not for curse.
  • We do not call for the death of someone, do not want to say how much fraud and lack of logic is there in the people of our neighbors, or never We do not publish anything about their faith, but if we do it, the Arabs will not stand against it.
  • All the people will see your comment. You From "religion of peace" Respect that. Respect yourself,
    Enough to explode in our buses, enough to kill From hatred. You are the 65 percent Arab acceptance From Israel's territory for peace. And you distribute to murder. What heart do you have? From what you have made​? What is your education? How dare you say that about Israel? Say good one, tell here, that you make to the world .. It is your faith? Destroy another one?