Thursday, October 25, 2012

High Crimes and Misdemeanors of Barack Obama

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In February 2011, protests began in Benghazi. From there, the protests spread, and the Libyan dictator, acting as he always had, quickly moved to quash these protests. This should have been no concern of the United States. Qaddafi had behaved himself after the 2003 capture of Saddam Hussein; while the loss of any civilian life is tragic, if we begin intervening in countries based merely on this logic, when will Canadians be pouring over our borders on behalf of Detroit and Chicago residents?

Instead, Qaddafi found the United States — and most other nations on the UN Security Council —arrayed against him. What should have been a small civil war that might have become a small regional dispute morphed into international action with UN resolutions authorizing action. President Obama defied the War Powers Act to ensure that the US intervened.

A year and a half later, an ambassador and three other Americans are dead. There are conflicting reports ranging from the ludicrous to the plausible. There are rumors that Ambassador Stevens was involved in gun-running, there are rumors about what the State Department and the White House could have or should have known, and there is still the small matter of getting the crime scene secured. It is more than enough to boggle the mind.
If the United Nations justifies intervention in the Libyan Civil War by civilian loss of life, then their longstanding inaction on Syria is hypocritical, at the least. Estimates for civilian loss of life in Libya range from 2,000-30,000, while estimated civilian loss of life in Syria ranges from 30,000 to over 45,000. (I am in no way advocating American intervention in Syria, but pointing out the hypocrisy of this administration).

Ignoring the Middle East for a moment, look to Mexico. How many people are dead from Fast and Furious? Agent Brian Terry’s family still have no answers about how their son died, and there is still no answer on why Attorney General Eric Holder felt the need to invoke executive privilege.

In the domestic arena, besides blatantly lying about being the most transparent administration ever, there was Solyndra, General Motors, and Janet Napolitano’s repeated violations of American constitutional rights through the TSA. In short, during this administration’s short tenure, not only have they outspent every other president, but we’ve gone through the equivalent of a Watergate, and Iran-Contra, and suffered inept officials along the way. All that’s missing is a blue dress at this point.

The media has been complicit in President Obama’s mistakes, cover-ups and scandals throughout his presidency, so we cannot count on them to reveal any of this. Only now that the polls are leaning towards Governor Romney are questions and doubts bubbling to the surface.

And should by some miracle President Obama and Vice President Biden be reelected, there is really only one solution. Article II, Section 4 spells it out very clearly: “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Is there any doubt that the House Oversight Committee, if not constantly stonewalled at every turn, could find compelling evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors at this point? In fact, losing the election to Governor Romney may be President Obama’s saving grace at this point.

By losing, he can safely retire to Hawaii, after pardoning those in his administration on his way out. There is little doubt that the Republicans will maintain control of the House and there is a great possibility of them taking the Senate, so by losing in this manner, he can avoid further embarrassment and torment the right with threats of being the next Grover Cleveland. By losing the 2012 election, he may be able to salvage his legacy.

But if he wins, then the threat of impeachment should be used for both him and Vice President Biden. There is too much blood on this administration’s hands and there is much to be answered for.