Saturday, October 20, 2012

Comical Obama Supporters: A Brief Guide to Where the Laughs Are

October 2, 2012 - 8:35 am - by Andrew Klavan

I hate to be sententious — I’m not even sure how to spell sententious — and God knows I like to ridicule my fellow man as mercilessly as the next fellow man, but this video that’s been making the conservative rounds that shows an anti-Romney protester declaring she likes Obama because he gave her a free phone? Not really funny. I know, I know — but really, the woman is clearly poor and not very well-educated. And mockery is a pin for the inflated, no? Though the federal programs liberals propose to help such people as the phone lady only make their lives worse, the principle that we ought to be concerned for them remains (sorry) the right one. Just because liberals call us mean until we want to hurl defiance in their teeth by saying anything we damn well please, doesn’t mean we should actually BE mean! As ever, I hold conservatives to a higher standard, because we’re the good guys.
What DOES deserve our scorn and ridicule here is an administration that has lowered the office of the presidency to the level of a Boss Tweedian city machine, buying the votes of the poor with a free turkey at Christmas or, in this case, a phone. Not to mention buying their votes for policies that destroy them.
And if you really want to make fun of Obama supporters (and who, at this point, does not) why not go after the well-to-do and educated? The guys who tell you Obama makes a better president than Mitt Romney because “He cares.” Or, even more delightfully, try this fellow — Russell Razzaque, a British psychiatrist, who has written a book called, so help me, Obama Karma: Lessons on Living Inspired by the 44th PresidentI saw it in a bookstore in L.A. yesterday and downloaded a sample because…  well, because I’m always in need of a laugh.
The book proposes to help you to self-improvement by emulating the “emotional intelligence” of Barack Obama. “It is through Obama’s ability to face his own pain that he has managed to grow continually throughout his life. And I hope that by the end of this book you will be better placed to do the same.” I am, as Dave Barry used to say, not making this up.
Exercises in the book include,Learning to blame George W. Bush for anything that goes wrong in your life, How to use the word “I” until you sound like you’re singing “Cielito Lindo,” and, of course, Surrounding yourself with media toadies who reflect your distorted ideas back to you as reality.
Okay, I DID make those chapters up. But my point is, the Obama camp is overflowing with well-educated, well-to-do grown-ups with the “emotional intelligence” not to say “political intelligence” of 12-year-old girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Desperate as the times are, we’re certainly not starved for laughs in this election.

Bee's note:
There is much truth in humor.  At the beginning of Klavan's video, the school children are singing a song about Obama.  That brings back memories of a concerned parent who took a video of her child being taught to sing praises to Obama, shortly after Obama took Office.  Can you remember any President in America's history ever having this done by our children?!  Well, that parent's video spread across our nation like bees on honey and the "singing" for Obama ceased!  Since then, we've had the First Lady Michelle Obama, acting like the Food Police in our school system, demanding that our children eat only what she deems "healthy" foods.  This has caused great stress among parents, as many children have allergies and can eat only what the parents prepare for them.  Another concern is our high school athletes, complaining that they are hungry and not receiving enough calories to play sports at the end of the day.  Here's my concerns:  the songs to Obama are brainwashing and the food police are all about "control" - controlling what our children eat and by-passing the family's ability to care for their children, much like the way Obama by-passes Congress to implement his agenda.
I know of another man in history who implemented his agenda through "control" and propaganda.  He even had a "brown-shirt youth group".  Eleven Million people died at his hands - Six Million Jews sent to the gas chambers.  Controlling citizens through government will always end in one huge disaster - led by insane madmen who are not the least able to recognize that their "progressive" agenda eventually leads to death.
Americans are not suicidal.  We are witnessing the worst of times, through this President's agenda, that have led four of our diplomats/Marines to their torture and deaths in Libya.  
The Foreign Policy Debate between Obama and Romney will be held this coming Monday evening.  If Romney can wrap Obama's failed polices around all his failed polices that destroy America's liberties and those of our allies - Romney should win this election by a landslide.
That's it ... !  Your votes will count on November 6th.