Sunday, October 14, 2012


OCTOBER 12, 2012

Wait until Bubba hears about this! Obama and Biden have blamed the Libyan fiasco that cost the life of an American ambassador and three others on the State Department, the intelligence community and Hillary Clintoon. Intelligence is hard to find these days in Washington. In throwing Hillary’s big, fat behind under the bus, Obama has dealt a blow to Hillary’s 2016 presidential aspirations. Furthermore, Obama has dealt a serious blow to Bubba’s booty aspirations! Just think of the endless crop of interns eager to learn cigar tricks with the former president!
Last night, Joe Biden (the first openly retarded Vice President in history) said he and Hussein never knew the embassy in Benghazi requested more security.
Maybe the President would have known of such security requests if Obama hadn’t been playing golf or attending fundraising dinners. And maybe Biden would have known if they’d let him out of his cage. So when one is caught red-handed with one’s hand in the cookie jar of incompetence and/or lying, what’s a corruptocrat to do? Blame someone else! Enter Her Thighness, Hillary Clintoon!
This attempt to save Hussein by throwing Hillary to the wolves will not set well with Bubba and Hillary. Who knows the repercussions when the Arkansas trailer-trash come out swinging. After all, if Hillary takes a bullet on Benghazi, her presidential chances in 2016 are about as pretty as Michael Moore’s big ol’ bufforilla butt!
Here’s the skinny. Obama lied and Americans died! Either Obama is lying (which he is) or he is incompetent (which he is). He skipped security briefings for weeks so he could fly around at taxpayer expense campaigning instead of doing his job as President. Which reminds me…if Obama wants a second term, why hasn’t he spent more time being president during his first? Well, we all know Obama doesn’t like the work of being the President….only the benefits. Great taxpayer-paid vacations!
This could really be interesting. The Clintoons don’t like Hussein because the propaganda media threw them under the bus in 2008 during the DemonRat primaries when Hitlery was running for President. Bubba was even called a racist! The Clintoons haven’t forgotten any of that. So it would be damn strange for them to sit back and let Hillary take one for Hussein! My guess is Bubba and Hitlery will have their day of revenge! Especially if it can save her political career…and help Bubba get some more boo-tay!
Only an idjit (or a Muslim) would say the attacks in Libya that resulted in the death of an American ambassador and three other Americans on 9/11 was because of a stupid YouTube vid and not at the hands of terrorists. Here’s the deal. If there is violence in the Middle East against America…it is a terrorist attack! Here’s another clue, junior. If a Muslim is involved with an attack…it is a terrorist attack. Violence is what Islam does!
Coverup and blame has been the pattern of Obama and his corrupt White House. They do all kinds of nefarious, illegal sh*t and find a fall-guy to take the hit when it’s discovered! I just don’t think the Clintoons will sit back and eat sh*t for Obama and Biden!
It’s all falling apart for the Nothing Man. If there was a media that wasn’t 200% in the tank for him and the Republicans had one ball between them, Obama would have been impeached for all of his un-Constitutional crap. Romney is surging, libtards are abandoning the sinking ship, leaving only the stupid to vote for Hussein and Rain Man. Throwing Hillary to the wolves may have repercussions Hussein never dreamed of. I certainly hope so!