Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama "DREAMS" of 'UNDOING THE EVILS OF COLONIALISM" by the redistribution of our wealth to the world

OK! We now have the opportunity to support and promote the movie "Obama 2016" in which Obama's own brother George explains how Obama "DREAMS" of 'UNDOING THE EVILS OF COLONIALISM" by the redistribution of our wealth to the world. George Obama says that Great Britain left Kenya too soon.
Great movie and perfect timing . . . view and support.

Traditional liberals, D’Souza explained, only want to redistribute wealth within America. Obama, he says, wants to redistribute America’s power among smaller nations throughout the world.
Why? D’Souza explained that Obama is literally trying to fulfill the title of his book, “Dreams from My Father.” Obama’s father, who was Kenyan, viewed the world from an anti-Colonial perspective. Molen says Obama now wants to use his power as the American president to rid the world of colonialism … starting with downsizing the very power of the U.S.A.
D’Souza explained the premise further:
What is this anti-colonialism? It is, in fact, the most powerful ideology in Asia, in Africa, in South America, in the past 100 years. If you want to know why there’s anti-Americanism around the world, it’s not just because of Islamic radicalism - that would help to explain it in the Middle East. It’s anti-colonialism.
The anti-colonial ideology very simply says that the world is divided into the oppressors and the oppressed. There is the West, now led by America. Then there are the poor people led by Asia, Africa, and South America. The anti-colonial ideology is that the rich countries got rich by invading, occupying, and looting the poor countries. The ideology says that to fight against all of this, you have to put a leash on the rogue elephant that is America. It also says that there are concentrations of economic power: The banks, the insurance companies, the oil companies - this is the economic wing of colonialism. And what you have to do to fight this is to use the power of the state to control it.
Molen named his film “2016” because he’s attempting to demonstrate what America and the world could look like if Obama is re-elected. And that, Molen and D'Souza believe, would be a dangerous thing for those who want to preserve the American dream.
D’Souza told the crowd that Obama's second term would mean the president "won't be tethered to public opinion, he won’t have to run for re-election again, he will be truly, in a sense, a free man in the White House to do what he wants.”