Saturday, October 13, 2012

Obama Doesn’t Have A Big Enough Bus

Posted on  by Zilla 

I wonder if Hillary Clinton ever wishes that she had simply stayed in New York and remained in the Senate rather than join up with Team Fail-n-Flail which has now tainted her with the scandal of Barry’s deadly Dilbertesque foreign policy bungle in Libya. She was quite popular here and she could have built up even more political capital and goodwill on the job, and she could have amused herself in her off hours by playing and winning at Party Bingo from her lovely home in Chappaqua.
Whoever pressured Hillary Clinton to accept the position as Obama’s Secretary of State should be locked in a room with giggly idiot Joe Biden for a week as punishment because she has been made to do one dumb thing after another as cabinet member of the most incompetent administration in American history – from the goofy ‘reset’ button in Russia to the Benghazi Horror, it has just been one bag of FAIL after another and Hillary has had to be the public face of it. I bet she would like to have a real ‘reset’ button that could give her a ‘do over’ for early 2009! Had she remained in the Senate, Hillary would have been poised to take the Oval Office handily in 2016 or 2020 if she wanted it, because she was THAT popular and had been widely perceived as very competent and savvy. That isn’t quite the case any more, and team Obama-Biden is attempting to throw her under the Obama-Biden re-election campaign bus in a pitiful attempt to keep voters from seeing the murdered dead American blood that they’ve got all over their hands as a result of their complete and total failure to act in a responsible manner on the global stage. Now it is increasingly looking like there won’t be another Clinton White House unless if some day Chelsea decides to run and wins. Some Headlines:

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