Friday, October 12, 2012

VP Debate: Joe Biden's out-of-control Behavior (Videos)

Bee's Note:  I am sure many observers of last night's VP debate found it uncomfortable to watch the bizarre behavior of VP Biden.  
Thirty minutes into the debate and I found it almost impossible to continue watching Biden's uncontrollable laughing, shaking his head, and snide remarks whenever Ryan was speaking!  Biden's actions demonstrated a person out of control, unable to handle his emotions, and therefore, unfit to hold the high Office of Vice President.  And, his rudeness turned this debate into one rude, unshakable reminder that liberalism has turned into one huge Hate Festival.  

On the bright side, recent polls have Ryan as the winner and that may explain how intelligent, respectful
"Nice guys win last" and may that be the response of the American people on November 6th.  As one journalist said last night, "No one will remember what was said at this debate, but everyone will remember Biden's antics."  

Here are a few posters floating around my Facebook page:

Ryan's question went unanswered ... (surprised?!)

Vice Presidential Debate 2012: Joe Biden, Paul Ryan Closing Remarks

Crazy Joe Biden Laughing Like a Jackass During VP debate!

Krauthammer: Biden Was So Disrespectful And Condescending, It Was Unprecedented

Charles Krauthammer on the debate: I think the debate happened at several levels. If you read the transcript, I think it's dead even. If you heard it on radio, Biden won. If you watched on television, he lost. In the transcript, if you just look at the raw arguments I think it was even because each side had points to make and made them. I think on balance, not one side was stronger than another.

If you heard it on radio, what you heard was Biden being aggressive, forceful, he was sort of on the attack all the time and he pushed the argument his way. He did a lot of interrupting as well. And Ryan reacted with I thought excessive deference, allowing himself to be cut off and often just ending with a point that you might understand, for instance when he talked about the Catholic Bishops, he made a point after Biden had said, 'Oh, the Bishops of the Catholic church is not going to be compelled to do anything under Obamacare.' Ryan said, 'Then why is that the Bishops are suing the administration?' But that is almost an aside and it was lost and then it was over by the next question.

If you put them all together and you end up with television where you saw the demeanor that the Vice President had in regard to Ryan, I think that undid the advantage in rhetoric that he had in carrying the debate. It was so disrespectful. I agree with Chris Wallace, it was sort of almost unprecedented and hugely condescending. I think that undid the force of his arguments and I think in the end, if television, you lose.

On if the debate moved the needle: I don't and the reason is that whether you decide that the Vice President won or lost, people don't end up in the booth voting for number two. So if you like one, he was likable, the other wasn't. I don't think it has any affect whatsoever on the vote. The question is will it affect the debates that are coming up, that's the real heavyweight stuff between Obama and Romney. And I think that the objective, perhaps the one advantage that Biden laid down is that in the actual arguments he made the points that had been left out of the first debate. What he was trying to do is set the premises for the upcoming debates by filling in the blanks, by answering the charges Romney made in Obama had left unanswered. The 47%. Repeating the $5 trillions of debt. True, or untrue, it was reenforcing the Democratic arguments which had been completely undermined in the first debate. And as a result, Obama has been sinking in the polls. So I think that he might have staunched the bleeding to some extent on the substance that Romney had attacked Obama on. And now, it's all up to the heavy weights in the last two rounds of the fight.