Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Obama's ideology: "Mission Accomplished" !

“No REALLY, Mission Accomplished” #1
Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Tuesday, October 9, 2012

There is hardly a person alive who hasn't heard U.S. President George W. Bush speak in front of a "Mission Accomplished" banner one month after our troops were deployed in Iraq. During an interview, Bush stated that it is one of his regrets: 
On Tuesday, the president also referenced the moment aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003, during which he declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq.
"They had a sign that said 'Mission Accomplished.' It was a sign aimed at the sailors on the ship, but it conveyed a broader knowledge. To some it said, well, Bush thinks the war in Iraq is over, when I didn't think that. But nonetheless, it conveyed the wrong message."
 The president, whose legacy is sure to be hotly debated for decades, said there also is much he is proud of. ... continue reading
History may be kinder to President Bush after reviewing the last four years of Obama's administration.  Why?  Well, for starters, no one doubted Bush's patriotism, or his will to defeat the enemy.  He knew who they were and wasn't afraid to call it what it was after 9/ll: it was a War on Terror - plain and simple.  Who were the enemies?  Well, according to one statement we all remember, "if you aren't with us, you're against us".  However, his one huge mistake was stating that "Islam is the religion of peace", while our troops were sent to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight those very same Islamic Jihad terrorists!  The same Islamic terrorists (under what we consider the "new" and "improved") democracies in Egypt and Libya, who on another 9/11 murdered our diplomats and stormed our Embassies.

So, when did President Obama proclaim "Mission Accomplished"?  If he did so, where were the banners and flags waving during his proclamation?

He did so the moment he stepped inside the people's White House.  The apologies he made around the world for what he considered America's "mistakes".  He did so, when speaking to the Egyptians and the Muslim world in Cairo, while at the same time, notifying our ally Israel that there would be a little sunshine (distance) between the US and Israel.  Sunshine? Hey, all I've witnessed these past 4 years is an outright contempt between Obama and the leaders of Israel.  

President Obama has proclaimed "Mission Accomplished" when he gave the orders to remove "Islamic terrorists" and "War on Terror" from every federal agency's handbooks, beginning with the Department of Homeland Security.  By doing so, he removed the identity of America's enemies.

Most recently, his attempts to cover-up the murders of our Ambassador Stevens, and our Navy Seals in Libya.  His lame excuses and comments from high-ranking officials on all the news stations demonstrate just how much Obama sees these horrific acts by the Muslim terrorists, as an inconvenient road-block to his ideology of "Mission Accomplished".  He declared the War on Terror over by not sending by withdrawing a 16 member security team from Libya before the attack.  
The Obama State Department withdrew a 16 member special forces team from Benghazi one month before the deadly attacks on 9-11. Lt. Col. Andy Wood was the leader of the 16 member special forces team whose job it was to protect US personnel in Libya. His team’s mission ended in August a month before the deadly Al-Qaeda attack on 9-11. A six member mobile security team was also withdrawn around the same time. This was despite the fact that there were over a dozen attacks in the 
country this year. Lt. Col. Wood was subpoenaed to appear at a House committee hearing this coming week. Wood told CBS News it was unbelievable to him that the State Department withdrew security when they did because of the 13 security incidents before 9-11.

(more: http://i.fat-wa.me/UMUkUH)

(more: http://i.fat-wa.me/UMUkUH)

Yes, bin-Laden is dead, but so are our diplomats who were suppose to be protected in Libya.

The burning of our flag and troops, the storming of our Embassy in Egypt, the shooting of our Afghanistan troops by those very same Muslims we are training, are all warning signs that this War on Terror is far from over and there are many "bin-Laden's" awaiting in the wings to continue their on-going, never-ending war against the West and its civilization.

I would be a Millionaire if I received one penny every time someone commented that "Americans aren't interested in foreign policy - its all about the economy".  

Wrong! and Wrong again!

This week VP Biden is in hiding for 6 days, boning up on "foreign policy", to prepare him for Thursday's debate with Paul Ryan.  If America wasn't concerned about the road this administration is marching down - a very crooked road - there would be not need for Biden to waste one hour to study for this upcoming debate.  

America's economy is wrapped up in a bundle called "foreign policy".  What happens on the world scene, from borrowing from China, to gifting our enemies BILLIONS of DOLLARS, has an impact on our economy.  Losing the trust from our allies has an impact on America's economy.  Having a president who stabs our allies in the back, while bowing to the enemy, has a major impact on America's economy, right down to the price of a gallon of gas!

President Obama has declared "Mission Accomplished"; otherwise, he would have stopped his golfing and campaigning long enough to hear the cries or our Ambassador, as Steven's was being tortured and then, murdered by the very same Muslim organizations who were involved in the first attack on our soil, on September 11, 2011.  Obama's actions "do show his meaning" and nothing is hid from plane view.

I'll end this with a message from Americans to Obama: