Monday, August 12, 2013

'A celebration for Palestinian terror'

Bee's note"In this situation that has emerged, there is no doubt that the best thing to do to ensure the future of Israel as a safe, flourishing country is to release prisoners..", said Bar-Lev. I disagree.  The "future" of Israel depends upon her ability to stand up to the failed policies of world "leaders" who bring their wheelbarrels filled with the trash of centuries of hatred towards the Jewish people and the State of Israel.  The hypocrisy of these "negotiations" stink like the garbage they have brought to the "Table".  It is the most devious, unfair, unbalanced, pre-planned and destructive plan since Hitler came up with his "solution" seventy years ago.  Nothing good will come out of these "talks".  Just look how they began: demanding the release of terrorists!  Since the terrorists are a part of Fatah's group, common sense tells everyone sitting on the sidelines that the talks began with bloody hands and if continued, will end in the same manner.  

Bereaved families: Israel's politicians have succumbed to terror and are trying to cover it up with a demonstration of public relations maneuvers" • Families to stage demonstration at Defense Ministry to try to prevent upcoming prisoner release.

Efrat Forsher and Israel Hayom Staff
Protests against the Palestinian prisoner release, July 
 Photo credit: Contact