Sunday, August 11, 2013

Obama’s Motto: ”Import Muslims – Export Nothing”

“..Allahu akbar.. I got my green card …”

Exclusive: Obama Decides to Let Thousands of Muslim Refugees from Syria into the U.S.

Obama’s Motto: ”Import Muslims – Export Nothing”

Forward by, Schuyler Montague

To put this article in perspective, it is important to recall a few events that transpired more than two years ago. At the time, Mubarak was still the President of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood had not yet risen to power and there was no war in Syria. 

First, a senior official in the Israeli government by the name of Avi Lipkin received a message directly that stated.. ‘Obama told a senior U.N. Official that “.. the United States would be a Muslim country by 2016..”‘ After receiving this information, Mr. Lipkin researched the various methods by which this could even be possible. After concluding his research, he then wrote his findings in a number of articles. Mr. Lipkin stated; In order for the United States to become a Muslim nation in such a short period.. certain things would have to take place and certain events would have to transpire.

Mr. Lipkin stated that..
“..there would have to be a Civil War in Syria and it would have to be so bad that it created a humanitarian crisis, which would give Obama the excuse to bring Syrian Muslims into the U.S. on humanitarian grounds.” Lipkin went on to state that ”..the Muslim Brotherhood would also have to take over Egypt..” and “..the Egyptian people would not stand for this for very long and they would overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood, which would create an eventual Civil War in Egypt, as well.” ”This in turn would destroy the Egyptian economy and place millions of Egyptians in a humanitarian crisis, as well.” ”Between Syria and Egypt, Obama could bring 150 Million – 200 Million Muslims into the U.S. on humanitarian grounds and the United States would become a Muslim country overnight.”
Let’s not forget.. It was Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood / FSA Rebels that invaded Syria and started the war there. It was Obama and his support of the Muslim Brotherhood that brought them to power in Egypt. Barack Hussein Obama is creating the “situation” in order to employ his “solution.” 

Now, as we fast forward to the present, every one of these events have come to pass in the previous two years, except for ‘Obama bringing in the Muslims from Syria or Egypt, based on humanitarian grounds.’ Well, that is until now…

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