Wednesday, August 14, 2013

America Patriots: Time to Take the 'High Road' (video included)

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
August 14, 2013

There are cover-ups galore in Washington.  None will ever be brought to Justice, as the liars continue to lie while those responsible are free to collect another pay check courtesy of American taxpayers.

Two years ago, October 24, 2011, Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer, wrote an article entitled "Obama Administration Bans the Truth About Islam and Jihad".


If we consider what else was happening at the same time Obama was hiding the ability for our nation to define the enemy, by removing all signs of "Islam and Jihad" from Federal records and manuals, it would predate the time when the IRS was monitoring American citizens applying for non-profit status - a present day scandal that is on-going, never-ending, according to some faithful, but few, representatives in Washington.  According to those who testified at hearings, the IRS began singling out the "opposition" Party (Conservatives/Republicans) as early as 2010 (second year of Obama's first term as President).

What I'm recognizing here is an Obama "pattern" that goes back as early as his first term in the White House and is expanding, with time, to a full blown national disease.  A disease of corruptness, greed, lies, and deception. Just a few "scandals" have hit the radar screens of the Media, for a few moments, and some are under investigation, but this entire Administration from the very beginning to whenever it ends, is a National CATASTROPHE.  America is on a sinking ship and we can't expect any brave soul to throw out a life preserver; not our Department of Defense, the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, FEMA, or any federal agency not mentioned here.  

The sad part about this sinking ship is the fact that precious cargo onboard is sinking along with its people; that cargo being the United States Constitution, America's freedoms, liberties, and culture - all sucked down to the bottom of the ocean with the ship.  And while this is happening, summer is quickly coming to an end, which brings us to America's annual tribute on 9/11.

Of course, rats can sense a sinking ship and there are a number of Demorats who have abandoned ship.  They know Obama is rowing downstream, against the tide.
Interesting that ever since 9/11/2011, all events in the U.S. eventually turn full circle, and we find ourselves remembering, even if it's only for a day, that our nation is still under attack by those who wish to see us all dead. The War on Terrorism is an on-going War; one without faces, or national pride for any particular country, but pick up a newspaper and somewhere in this world today, another victim(s) has/have been murdered by an Islamic Jihad terrorist.  

Nothing changes among terrorists and nothing changes in Washington, D.C.

Today's example is the Obama Administration "strongly condemns" the crackdown in Egypt, as its military/government is forced to implement a state of emergency, due to the Muslim Brotherhood's refusal to give up without a fight. 

Who's side is America on?  Surely not the terrorist organization called the Muslim Brotherhood!  Aha, but that is Obama's choice. Is it no wonder he hid the description of America's enemies?!

Without our own road map, without direction from our "leaders", America is unable to recognize the enemy.  And, even when our federal agencies have been give clear, unmistakable warnings, we become victims of another Jihad attack, like the Boston Bombers Muslim brothers, who chose a clear sunny afternoon in the middle of Boston's annual international Marathon to attack a crowd watching the race.  

America is fed ta steady diet of the same propaganda that Morsi tried feeding the Egyptians and it's up to America to "Just say 'no'"!  How is it that Egypt and its citizens are able to recognize the warning signs of a newly elected "president" going astray from the democracy its citizens had voted for, and yet, after five years of this Obama administration's path of destruction, Americans remain on the sidelines, quiet as church mice, while the USS Constitution sinks and America is left without a row boat and paddle to find safe haven.

Americans, are you better off today than 8 years ago?  Do you feel safer today, than you did before 2011?  Do you have confidence in our leaders' ability to stabilize the economy? Are you ever concerned about the threats from a nuclear Iran, or other unstable countries, like North Korea?  Do you feel our government has your best interests in mind, as the IRS.NSA scandals are slowly revealed?  Do you think federal employees who are "fired" and refuse to resign should continue to be paid by our tax dollars?!  Do you think 11 million illegal "immigrants" should be rewarded for not entering the United States without proper documents? If you gave Washington, DC a Report Card, what grade would you give our "Representatives"?

There's an old song that goes something like this: 'You take the high ground, I'll take the low ground...".  Surely, it is time for American patriots to demand that our government begin taking the "high" road; if that involves Impeachment proceedings, or charges of Treason, so be it; but America cannot afford too many more days of remaining on Obama and his administration's sinking ship.