Monday, August 19, 2013

Horror! Muslim Brotherhood Torches Christian Orphanage in Menia (Videos included)

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Egypt: "Peaceful" Muslim Brotherhood Burns Christian Churches

Here is one example (of many) on how the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood "respects" the lives and property of Egyptian citizens.  It is interesting to note that while President Obama says "America does not take sides", he has apparently forgotten how quickly he demanded former President Mubarak to "step down" just two short years ago. 
Did Obama ask the Muslim Brotherhood to "step down" when reports of Morsi's cruelty and systematic murdering of Coptic Christians were exposed to the world?  He sent Egypt F-16's, tanks, and financial aid, with his "blessings", reaffirming over and over that Egypt had held "democratic" elections.  Did Obama ever publicly condemn the torture and murders of the Christians by the Brotherhood?  No, not one time!  His silence was "choosing" the wrong side (again!).
Why not look over Egypt's border, to Gaza, where there was supposedly another "democratic" election held, and the "Palestinians" chose Hamas - a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and a terrorist organization.
The United States could not have relations with terrorists and therefore, were forced to choose the lesser of two evils - Fatah/Abbas. If Obama had been "president" at that time, the U.S. would have recognized Hamas as a legitimate "democracy", and the United States would have been a supporter of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.
How do we know that would have been Obama's decision?  Because that is exactly what he did after the Muslim Brotherhood were elected in Egypt.  Then would have been the time to stop the flow of F-16's, military and financial aid to Egypt.  Then, the United States would have made the right decision - a decision not to support one of the largest terrorist organizations in the Middle East and the world.
What is the difference between the Palestinian and Egyptian people?
The difference is Egypt recognized the Brotherhood were terrorists, murderers and demanded that they "step down"!  
I have yet to hear the Palestinian people demand that same liberty from Hamas.
The Egyptian people chose the "high" road, while the "Palestinians" continue to accept the "low" road of terrorism.
The American people reject terrorism and expect their leaders to do the same. 
When the United States can no longer guide the world by its own examples; can no longer make the "right" choices, then its time America took a serious look at its "leaders" and demand for the sake of all humanity, that someone get off the golf course, do the right thing and "step down".  

 Horror! Muslim Brotherhood Torches Christian Orphanage in Menia
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Mariam Hamdy tweeted: How are there still people defending Muslim Brotherhood supporters? RT “@TheBigPharaoh: Once was a Christian orphanage in Menia.
Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Minya have torched Soldiers of Christ Orphanage in Palace Square. The orphanage lied next to their sit-in in Palace Square, Minya.
The Muslim Brotherhood also looted and torched shops in Menia.
Supporters of former president Mohamed Morsy have burnt the houses and shops of the Copts in Beni Mazar, Minya, after they had looted them.
Supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsy have burnt the Church of St. Mary in Kafr Hakim, Behira.
And, Barack Obama doesn’t want to choose sides.