Thursday, August 22, 2013

Video: Muslim Brotherhood Militia

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Thursday - August 22, 2013
Egypt's message to Obama

This video shows hostages who were held in Alnahda Square, tortured by Muslim Brotherhood Militia, then burned alive, the minute police started to call on the demonstrators to leave.

The next time you hear this Administration's claims that Morsi and his gang should be "restored" to power in Egypt, think about this video.  The Muslim Brotherhood is not "moderate" - it is an Islamist terrorist organization. 

The poster (below) is just one example why Obama supports the radical Brotherhood; but here in the United States, Americans are aware that freedom and democracy are not represented by those who embrace the teachings of the Brotherhood.  I read last night that the White Houand/se denies the torture of the Coptic Christians by the Brotherhood, claiming "no proof". Meanwhile, the Egyptians are sending out videos and posters to the world, rejecting the tortures, burnings, murders, and Sharia, under the short reign of Morsi.

If you have doubts, Google the history of the Muslim Brotherhood - please, for your sakes and the sake of America's future.

Don't believe their lies.  

Who would have believed after the attacks on our soil on 9/11/2011 that twelve short years later our nation would be falling for this Islamic propaganda!