Monday, August 19, 2013



For those unfamiliar with Anne Patterson
she is the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt
August 19, 2013
Here in the Age of Obama, I have learned to take Nothing at face value and always attempt to peer beyond the veil, for we are dealing with the masters of deceit.

Yesterday I published an essay entitled 'Christians-Scapegoats of the Muslim Brotherhood, The Muslim Brotherhood-Scapegoats of the Elite'. Perhaps an unusual title, but then I was putting forth a most unusual premise. All evidence that we see today tells us that Team Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood's bid to return Morsi to power. The mere fact that the evidence is so overwhelming is the very reason that I reject it, for I detect one helluva smokescreen. Now, to convince you, the reader, of my belief I must gather some facts we all know to be true.

1. There are only two types of government possible in the Middle East,
due to the mindset imposed by the Qur'an,  i.e.: Dictator/King or Islamic rule. The concept of freedom and democracy is alien to their teachings and the idea of 'democracy' has become a weapon with which to manipulate the West.

  1a. The Shah of Iran was replaced by the Mullahs who now pose a great danger to the West.
  1b. Morsi, dictator of Egypt, was overthrown and replaced by the MB.
  1c. Qaddafi, dictator of Libya, was overthrown and replaced by Al Qaeda.
  1d. The struggle is on to topple Assad of Syria. If successful he too will be replaced by Al Qaeda.
  1e. In all cases listed above, Christians were far safer under the rule of a dictator than their Islamic replacements.

2. Hussein Obama has Islamic leanings, however his loyalty to Islam is exceeded by his own grandiose view of himself and his loyalty to George Soros.
3. The nations of the Middle East had long ago outlawed The Brotherhood and imprisoned many of their members due to their terrorist tactics.
4. Obama, in his famous Cairo speech, empowered the MB and set the Middle East ablaze, and that blaze will spread worldwide.
5. The Soros Agenda calls for the conquest or destruction of Israel and the fall of the United States.
6. These unending wars and financial aid to the nations of Islam are destroying the wealth of the West.

We all hear of a coming Caliphate. It is not going to happen, but that does not stop people like Erdogan of Turkey or the Salafists of Saudi Arabia from trying to enact it, and finally live their age old dream of world conquest. Why, you might ask, will this not happen? Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood's short reign shows that Islam is totally dysfunctional and they cannot even feed themselves or hope to govern without vast reserves of oil or funds donated by foreign nations.

So who gains from all of the turmoil that has been initiated? Surely not the Muslims. They are killing each other all over the Middle East and Africa. Certainly not the nations of the West as bankruptcy looms while the flow of money to Islam continues unabated. The ultimate victor is George Soros as that diabolical genius seeks power through imposing chaos, poverty, and war on the entire world, and that revelation takes us back to center stage, and believe me, Egypt is center stage. That is why Cairo was chosen as the place for Obama to begin the 'Arab Spring'.

Now headlines scream at us that Obama supports terrorism, this is true. Those same headlines tell us that he supports the Muslim Brotherhood, and that is misleading, but that belief is the basis of the grand deception. Obama and Soros are using the MB as an expendable resource useful in fomenting evermore turmoil. 

Notice the events of the last year. Mubarak was deposed and Egypt wins a 'Democracy'. Egyptians do not know what to do with a democracy, and being tired of a one man rule, seeking hope and change, they empowered The Brotherhood. Bad day in Egypt!

That election did not go as George Soros had hoped for his puppet candidate was Mohamed ElBaradei who lost, but is not out of the running. He was the leader of the Egyptian opposition as Morsi began to destroy what once was a relatively prosperous and Westernized nation.

and, for more information on George Soros, see: