Monday, August 19, 2013

Israel or Obama: Why American Jews choose Obama

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
August 19, 2013 
The following is a letter in Hebrew; I've translated into English, but if something is not clear, blame my translation. All "bolds" and "highlights" in the letter are my own.
The letter becomes clearer in its intent the further you read, as you see the writer's explanation for the "Pollard letter" to the Jerusalem Post, and Pollard's blame placed on the Israeli government and not B. Hussein Obama; and, the choice American Jews have made - Israel or Obama - through fear.
That makes me think of "An offer they cannot refuse", an old quote from the movie, "The Godfather". or as the writer says, "Protection" money.
It is my own opinion that no one can say they "love" Israel, while supporting an anti-Israel President. No one can say they "support" Israel, while donating to the Obama campaigns. No one can call Israel their "homeland", and turn its back on the plight of the Israeli citizens, as the Hamas/PLO/Palestinians attempt to divide and conquer the Land of Israel and the City of David, Jerusalem.  
For the love of Israel, don't you see what is happening with this administration pressuring PM Netanyahu to give up more land, for the sake of a "peace" that will be as "peaceful" as the Hamas shooting rockets/missiles into Israeli towns. Or, is it that you no longer have a heart for Israel?
Being forced to release terrorists from Israeli prisons just to bring Abbas to the "table" is all the example you need to understand that with bloody hands, there can be no "peace".
Bee Sting
Israel or Obama
August 19, 2013
American Jews give their money to the American administration, only because they are afraid. They do not protect Israel, but the status Statement by Secretary of State ie, leaked Atlantic correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg, but Israel will not sign an agreement with the Palestinians is to experience de - legitimacy on steroids, unfortunately reveals Hedda source - primary legitimacy in recent years. Managed to raise the Jewish side. Obama welcomes U.S. Jews U.S. Miotiovhayum screenshot invisible, like Obama's intervention eve of Israeli elections, should not deter Israel. It is indeed a threat. And if we are honest with ourselves, the Obama administration is opening the door in recent years the de - legitimized against Israel. Less than its direct statements, and more in what it allows the Europeans, the UN and the Palestinians.
Europeans rampage against Israel is authority and permission of the Obama administration. In its predecessors it was not happening. The same moves against Israel at the UN. Occasionally sported Obama administration commitment to rescuing Israel from the jaws of the international political legal system, for example after the Marmara affair. But President Obama is not enabled then the conditions for Erdogan to launch his Hflotilo? All this raises the issue of the impact of American Jews on the government. If the Obama administration and the Democratic Party enjoyed overwhelming support from American Jews, then why is hostile to Israel and perceived as a threat by parts of the Israeli public? I heard recently qualified commentator of all Israeli issue - American - Jew, editor of one of the leading academic journals in America. He sounds very relaxing. 70 percent of the American public support for Israel. Percent lower support for the Palestinians. Obama is aware of this basic situation, and yet managed to raise the next American Jewry and the Jewish vote neutralize the opposition, namely those those who are pro - Israeli activists against the Obama policy in the Middle East. But the behavior of the Obama administration, including the president and secretary of state, does not teach the user in recent years and certainly not lately. Moreover, even American Jews do not give the extent of support we would expect of them. Supporters of Israel are frightened or not effective. Obama himself organized Jewish lobby, mainly intellectual, resistant to American Jews the choice - Israel or Obama. And the choice is Obama. So what are pumping Jews so much money in the American political? They are afraid. They promise through a form of protection money. They defend that the existence and status. Even our brother Jonathan Pollard, a cry Jerusalem Post: "the moral crisis in Israel, do not blame the U.S. government but out against the Israeli government. Once you are tempted to think that Pollard was recruited again by American intelligence, but in the current round, is used as a tool of American psychological warfare against the Israeli government.
Two years ago, when the use Thomas Friedman's delusional than Benjamin Netanyahu and Hosni Mubarak, it fell and it needs another knock. This was probably the random exposure of U.S. government intentions. Even during the Clinton administration was overwhelmingly embrace Proverbs Yasser Arafat in campaign Dalgitimtzih and Netanyahu's abortion attempts. There is no escaping the conclusion that Israel, under the right-wing government is not perceived as legitimate by the administrations full of Democrats
'Never forget',
Best regards.

c. Americans Stand with Israel