Tuesday, September 3, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian judges call for Muslim Brotherhood to be dissolved

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
September 3, 2013

America has a "fox" in the Hen House!  
I realize yesterday was a slow day, since the United States was celebrating its annual "Labor Day" (federal holiday), and most of the evening was nothing but "repeats" of old roundtable news; however, today there is no excuse for even the one Conservative-leaning news station to "miss" two remarkable pieces of news flowing from Egypt!  

Is our state-run media now becoming the "norm" for Fox News?  Last night's report on Egypt's judges calling for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) to be 'dissolved" is BREAKING NEWS.

The second report from Egypt should have caused every American citizen in the United States to stand united in front of the White House last night and demand the removal of President Obama - that news: Egyptian Media Says Obama Is A Muslim Brotherhood Member.

Instead, all morning we hear about the loss of Obama's credibility over his "red line" Syrian attack.  Credibility?  He hasn't had any since taking Office, but to add to the "scandals/criminal actions" being investigated (before Congress took their summer vacation) in Washington, Egypt now hands the U.S. a gift on a silver platter: a "gift" that should solve the problem of Obama's failed leadership once and for all, and rather than say "thank you", we are witnessing another day of hiding the truth to the American public.  Egypt is simply verifying what American patriots across this nation have suspected since Obama's Cairo speech back in 2009.

What's the big secret?  Both of Egypt's news reports are aflame on Tweeter; Facebook; conservative blogs; straight from Egyptian newspapers. Keeping Obama in "office" is guaranteeing Islam will be America's future.  If you doubt this, then ask yourselves why an extremist Muslim organization is bold enough to storm Washington, D.C. on America's 9/11 Day of Remembrance just 12 years after Islam attacked the Untied States.  They would not have dared raise their ugly protests on 9/11/02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 .... only after Obama was first elected did they show up for their first protest in October, 2009.  




Egyptian judges call for Muslim Brotherhood to be dissolved
Non-binding ruling a further setback for Islamist group that has suffered army-led crackdown since Mohamed Morsi's overthrow
A man walks past graffiti of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in central Cairo
A man walks past a graffiti message about Muslim Brotherhood member and ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in central Cairo. Photograph: Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters

An Egyptian judicial panel has recommended the legal dissolution of Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, the latest setback for the Islamist group that was Egypt's most powerful civil organisation until Morsi was overthrown in July, and which has since been driven all but underground by an army-led crackdown.
The group is in its worst crisis since a similar attempt to suppress it in the 1950s, with the turmoil even destabilising the Brotherhood's affiliate organisations in other countries across the Middle East.
On Monday a panel of Egyptian judges recommended the Brotherhood's dissolution as a legally registered non-governmental organisation. It was a non-binding decision but one that – with the new prime minister, Hazem el-Beblawi, already considering a possible ban on the group – will further hinder the organisation's fight to remain anything more than a clandestine organisation. Hundreds of its members have been killed by state officials during protests since July, and thousands arrested.
All but two of the Brotherhood's most senior officials are now either in hiding or under arrest and its command structures are severely curbed. In news emblematic of the group's predicament, the Brotherhood's spiritual leader, Mohamed Badie, has suffered a heart attack in prison, while Morsi himself – prosecutors announced on Sunday – will face charges for allegedly inciting murder during his presidency.
"Most of the senior leaders are either in jail or on the run. It is almost impossible to get in touch with any of them," said Amr Darrag, a senior official from the Brotherhood's political wing, and one of only two Brotherhood officials who now dare to roam freely in public. The other is Mohamed Bishr. When asked by phone who was now in charge of the group, Bishr said: "I don't know … I can't contact anyone."
The crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood started almost as soon as the head of Egypt's army, General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, announced Morsi's removal in a televised statement on 3 July.
"As soon as the statement ended there were security forces everywhere," said Asma Ali, a presenter for Misr 25, a television channel run by the Brotherhood that was shut down that night. "One of our presenters was just about to go on air to talk about the statement. They arrested everyone, even the technicians and assistants. The other channels in the building knew. They came in to film and humiliate us."
Arrest warrants for hundreds of Brotherhood officials were issued hours later – though several of the group's key organisers remained at large until after the brutal breakup of two pro-Morsi protest camps on 14 August.
The ripple effects of the Brotherhood's fall from grace have been felt by the group's allies and spin-offs in neighbouring countries. The Brotherhood's Libyan incarnation won only 10% of the vote in last year's congressional elections, but gained support with its campaign to mandate wholesale purges of Gaddafi-era officials. But then came Morsi's overthrow in Egypt.
Additional reporting by Chris Stephen, Harriet Sherwood and Eileen Byrne