Saturday, September 7, 2013

Christian Persecution in America: The Abyss of Slime

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Saturday, September 7, 2013
The Abyss of Slime

Americans have watched our nation slip into an abyss with each new Executive Order, or anti-Constitutional law passed since Obama's first term in Office.  Name an Amendment to the Constitution that has not been attacked by this administration.  The only Amendment the key personnel use is the "FIFTH" when one of these criminal politicians/federal employees are under a congressional investigation: such as, spying on American citizens, or using a federal agency to punish the opposition to the Obama/Democratic Party.

The lies about Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, PRISM, have gone unchecked and these crimes are on-going, and Conservatives are still under attack by a rogue government.  Another word for slime is abomination - or, "O-bama's nation",   

Tyranny has taken hold in Washington on both sides of the aisle and it would take a cleansing like that of the first FLOOD to wash this nation of its putrid stink within the Halls of Congress and the White House.  The stench rises above and beyond our nation, floating across oceans wide and deep, touching everything and everyone in its path, leaving in its wake the scent of smoke and flames, caused by the cruelty of terrorism from those who profess to belong to the "Religion of Peace".

The Middle East is burning: Welcome to Hell!  

Hell knows no bounds; it comes in human form on earth, by the evil imaginations of wicked men, who hide their faces under masks, while performing the deeds that would make a man such as Hitler proud.  The Islamist terrorist videos pouring in are meant to cause "shock and awe", and are used as a form of terrorism.  Hardly a person alive has not witnessed at least one beheading, crucifixion, live body burning, stoning, hanging, cutting off of limbs, shootings, dragging through the streets before killing, of innocent men and women, under Islamic Terror.  

Hell also comes in the form of neatly dressed men and women who support the activities of these Islamic terrorists.  There is no fine line between good and evil; for evil is a wide gape that one must cross over, purposefully making a decision to choose evil, rather than good.  Would that it were just a few within our government, but warning signs are blatantly apparent for all to see, as our government chooses to take the side of those who attacked us on 9/11, in order to eliminate another country's government.

For America, our innocence ended on 9/11/2001.  We quickly learned who our enemies were: one group were led by bin Laden, in the organization called "Al Qaeda, and then the Taliban, but there are many offshoots of these groups, all formed to cause as much pain and suffering that a human can think of imposing on the innocents who disagree with their "religion" and politics.

We have watched the Coptic Christians burned alive, along with their churches burned to the ground.  We hear of the attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Africa, Yemen and anywhere on earth that Islam remains the supreme Dictator of a country.  And now, that same bias towards Christians has reached the United States military, in the form of training and political correctness.

Crosses removed from military tent/Chapel
It's an "Obama" world!
Why?  - For fear of offending Islam!
False explanation!  The real purpose is to erase
all signs of Christianity among America's troops. 
Turning America into another nation for Islam is a slow process;
first, must remove all Crosses.
I would like to show just how far this "religion of peace" has crept in unaware, into our county, through an open door of the White House, down the halls of our Congress and federal buildings, into the leadership of our Military.. It was not enough for the Obama administration to interfere with our personal living space, from what type light bulbs you use in your home, to what you pack for school lunches.  No, his outreach to Islam and his connections and support of the Muslim Brotherhood has now begun a new form of punishment within the military.

Obama made a point of saying "America is no longer a Christian nation".  Really? When did America's Judeo-Christian beliefs become the "new" Pinata for the Obama administration?  Did it happen when less than 3% of this nations population began demanding Sharia law in our courts and businesses?!  Or, when our "president" said the following:
He said this before the United Nations, for the benefit of 
the Muslim "hearers" and nations.  
He was referring to a blamed You Tube video 
that he claimed was responsible for Benghazi ( just another lie!)

I am referring to the report of a career Sergeant being punished for refusing to support gay marriage.  When did political correctness enter our Military training to the point where our young men and women who have volunteered to sacrifice their lives to protect America, now have their consciences pricked by military "leaders" who think it is part of a troop's "service to America" to lie about their religious beliefs in order to please a superior officer? 

Obama and Hillary spent over $75,000 to make a video for the purpose of apologizing to Islam on the battlefields of Pakistan and Afghanistan. What were they apologizing for, you ask?  They were apologizing for America's FIRST AMENDMENT!  The very amendment that our troops are covered under when they are forced to accept a personal belief that is against their soul and conscience. 

What does a career Sergeant's punishment have to do with Islam?  Glad you asked!

It has to do with "choices" by our government: choices to support Islam; to side with our enemies; to leave our Ambassador to die at the hands of these terrorists; to "ask" our troops to fight along side the very enemies they have fought against for the past 12 years; to apologize for our freedom of speech to Islam countries; all forms of tyranny and a sign of Dictatorship, under the guise of serving our nation; when actually, the very destruction of all that is good about our nation is being destroyed by the "choices" of this administration; it began with subtle "suggestions" and national comments about America no longer being a Christian nation, without facts to back up such foolish announcements within Obama's speeches; to the now ridiculous rules within our military that have our troops remove Crosses outside of their tents (what are we hiding and why?) for fear of offending Islamists, to the decision of this government to punish military troops for their Christian beliefs.

America, freedom of religion is under assault; the weapon used is indoctrination, otherwise known as mind-control.

What is next?  Burning at the stake and inquisitions?!!  Welcome to Hell on earth Americanas!  The slime is wrapped around poor choices and  false doctrines contradicting our Constitution and personal beliefs - which undermine the security of our nation, and the goodness of its people.

Mind-control, brainwashing, and forced acceptance of what individuals find objectionable to their personal faith and beliefs is unacceptable to every American, whether that American is in the Service of our country, or selling perfume in a local department store. It is Tyranny, plain and simple. 

How far we have fallen, America!  Fallen into an abyss, with all its slimy doctrines, imposed by men and women with the darkened souls committed to an evil administration.

Oh America, we should get down on our knees, or stand up and pray for our military.  We should then pick up our phones, call Washington, and demand that every single Congressman and women end this madness immediately!!  


Christian Airman Punished by Lesbian Commander Faces Possible Court Martial 

It’s high time to end the Left’s stranglehold on diversity of opinion, people are allowed to believe and say what they will as long as it does not promote violence against anyone. Having views that offend should not be a crime, however, being persecuted for holding a particular view, opinion or belief should be a crime.

Monk is being investigated and might be formally charged for violating Article 107 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), which makes it a crime to make a false official statement. But Monk’s explaining his situation to the media is not an official statement.

  • More than that, another element of this alleged crime is that Monk must be making a statement he knows is false or that he reasonably should know is false. All Monk is saying is that he believes he’s being punished because of his traditional Christian beliefs.
Monk explained in a statement to Breitbart News: “I immediately got the sense that this was a retaliation against me for coming forward with my religious discrimination complaint.”

Christian airman victimized for refusing to support gay marriage 7.9.2013

Now the Air Force has taken the first steps to criminally investigate Monk for talking to the media about his situation. Despite the fact that earlier this year the Obama-Hagel Pentagon said they would never court-martial a service member for their Christian faith, they have taken the first steps to possibly court-martial Monk.
  • On Aug. 27, an Air Force investigator met with Monk and his attorney, Mike Berry from Liberty Institute. Berry expected it to be a routine meeting to take a statement from his client, but during the meeting the investigator said that he would read Monk his Miranda rights.
  • Monk was advised that he is being investigated for committing a crime by the U.S. military for making a false official statement, that he has the right to remain silent, and that he has the right to an attorney. 

The Air Force then assigned military defense counsel to him and is deciding whether to formally charge him with a crime, at which point Monk would either have to admit guilt and accept further punishment, or face a court martial.
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Footnote:  It doesn't matter at this point if Obama is a Muslim; what matters is that he is to remain neutral and under the Constitution, the government cannot choose one religion over all others to become a  "State" religion.  The Pilgrims crossed the ocean to seek FREEDOM OF RELIGION (not from religion) in a new world. -- Bee Sting