Monday, September 2, 2013

Poem: Red Lines and White Balls - by Johnny Irons

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
September 2, 2013

A dear friend has written "Red Lines and White Balls", a poem summarizing this past weekend's discussions around the "Round Table" about the USA attacking Syria.  
By Johnny Irons 
Asaad take heed! Dare not cross my Red Line,
For I shall strike thee with ne'ry a flinch!
I blame it on Jarrett, she told me to say it,

Now I find my 'nads in a pinch.;

Quick Dempsey, call Naples and maneuver the ships 
Readi'd - with weapons entire, 
Page Hill'ry, wake Kerry, and old man Chuck Hagel,
 Whil'st we hunch here a while and conspire.

 Come hither and tidy, my yolk sullied face
 And devise an untruth just for I, 
And with my twins in hand, in the Garden I'll stand,
 Giving Congress the clout now to vie. 

 Lads take one more week, or two, or a month,
 Whil'st I give Asaad time to disband, 
And maybe for kicks, I'll shoot two or three licks 
Just to show that I'm still in command. 

 Now free from all shame and the critics distaste
 I no longer appear like a Dummkopf, 
My friend Joe - fetch thy cleats and your 9 iron too,
And come join me, in a quick round of golf.
 c. Johnny Irons, September 1, 2013 

George Strait - Big Balls In Cowtown - 1996 Houston Rodeo

As you call your Representatives, before Congress returns to Washington on September 9th, you may want to ask them the following FIVE questions:

Obama’s (proposed) War of Convenience

Should the United States go to war with Syria.

  • Are our vital national interests at stake?
  • Are we supporting a friendly power or party by going to war?
  • Is American intervention likely to actually improve the situation?
  • Has the current Administration demonstrated military and Diplomatic competence?
  • Has the current Administration demonstrated persistence?



The Arab world notices very quickly when the US makes a promise and then ignores it. And irrespective of the wisdom of making such statements to begin with, the loss of respect for the US has consequences for generations to come.