Thursday, September 26, 2013

Calling America.

Bee's note:  My friend Robert has moved his blog over to Word Press.  I hope you take a moment to drop by and check out his "new" look and while you're there, you will find Robert's thoughts informative, as his article I am sharing here this evening.
"Moving Day" is an exciting time for a blogger.  It revives our own interest, since so much time is spent at the computer.  The one I am using now, "Google Blogger" has worked out fine for me, but it does not have functions available that would make blogging a little less time-consuming.
When I left my previous blog, I had close to 100 "followers" and growing.  I have been here almost two years and find that while there is "interest", my blog is not growing.  Perhaps all news is old news and people are just tired of hearing the same old cry-baby, whining from this White House and its corrupt federal agencies - so many under investigation, but the process is so slow, none of us expect anyone in DC to take responsibility for IRS, NSA, BENGHAZI, FAST AND FURIOUS, etc.
I do enjoy sharing news that is not reported by most of our journalists and newspapers and so, I plan to give it my best shot one last time before shutting this computer down.  
I found a new web hosting site and absolutely love the appearance and capabilities, but it is taking time to work out all its functions.  It will be my final move, as I do plan on pursuing other interests outside this political arena, once we wave a last "good bye" to Barack HUSSEIN Obama.
Meanwhile, my very best wishes to Robert; here's his newest article: 

Roberts Thoughts2
September 24, 2013

Aren’t you sick and tired of the lies, the games. smoke and mirrors, gutter politics’?
Any Questions?Remember when it used to be about issues, respectful debate, integrity, principles, honor and the country?
Believe it or not for those that don’t remember it used to be like that.
I just found this site yesterday morning, never heard about it before. They look to be about as non partisan as you can be.
They don’t take money from politicians, special interest. All the work is done by volunteers from all sides.
Check this out from: Project Vote Smart .
It’s time, let’s take our country back. 2014 is a place to start. Don’t let them take us into the gutter any more, we are better then that. Let’s help the politicians out of the gutter.
They have all the info on the politicians. Just the fact’s, voting records, speeches just about anything you need to know about them, issues, voting record’s, you know like what they said and then actually did. PLEASE take a look at: Project Vote Smart .
Whether you’re democrat, republican liberal or conservative check them out.
The politicians don’t like it much. Their excuse is they don’t want to give their enemy ammunition. Excuse me. If you had a record to run on why would you not want the public to know about it. Isn’t that who you’re serving anyway?
Why would you not want what you stand for and you’re record out their?