Friday, September 27, 2013


Bee's note:  
As Ms. Geller notes, this week winds down on a terrible note.  Where do we begin to lists this week's "news" - news that never reaches the ears of most Americans, due to journalists and a media that swings through the motions of pretending to present the news, when it is merely repeating what the White House presents as the "gospel" truth.  
Ah, but Americans have caught on to the lies and propaganda of Obama.
Unfortunately, the world must sit in limbo, along with America, while each move Obama makes is another move that will bring disastrous consequences for all of us!
For instance, go back five years, to the issue of Iran.  How long did it take Obama to decide whether or not to place tougher sanctions on Iran?  I believe almost two years into his first term in Office.  And, sanctions, as we all know, didn't make a dent into Iran's rush to obtain that one goal - nuclear capabilities.
The Iranian people may have suffered due to sanctions, but what does that matter to Dictators?
Iran has managed to move "forward" (Obama's favorite word-"forward") with few setbacks.  Oh, there were a few, such as, the computer virus and a few scientists that just happened to blow up in the cars they were driving.  But, what's a few scientists' lives, compared to the end game?
Now, I have friends who explain that Iran would never bomb Israel; and some people - Obama's people/followers, actually think Iran just wants nuclear capabilities for "peaceful" purposes.
I have come to the conclusion that whatever Iran plans, and whatever politicians say, the truth is somewhere in-between; life is not what it appears to be, because none of us have "insider" information into the minds of madmen and Dictators.
No one denies that North Korea is led by a young leader who has that same ideology of his insane father; insanity runs in that family, for sure!  
So, today, when it was revealed that Obama reached out to the Iranian President Rouhani, I thought, who is more insane, Rouhani or Obama?

Mark Levin on CNN w/ Jake Tapper Bashes 'Serial Liar' Obama's '

Rouhani, the man responsible for the slaying of over 80 Jews in Argentina; in a country that helped fund 9/11 and the same country that is responsible for just about every terrorist organization in this world; a country that trains al Qaeda, the organization responsible for the deaths of over 7,000 American troops during the longest war in American history (and the list is ongoing) ...
This is the country, without any show of rehabilitation, that Obama reaches out to today, by simply picking up that "red" phone and dialing Iran.  (Do we still have a "red" phone in the Oval office?)
Diplomacy is a two-way street - give and take.  To-date, Iran has taken, but never offers anything in return.  They double-talk and draw imaginary circles in the sky, while hell bent on their mission to obtain the bomb.  
They continually make threats towards Israel and the West.  This is a country where their own citizens must walk carefully, or be hung in the middle of the square for some imaginary offense towards Islam.
Like North Korea, Iran will soon, or already has the bomb!
Red phones, red buttons, and a nuclear weapon are a dangerous combination for this world, when led by evil men with evil intentions.  Either Obama is clueless, or as Mark Levin believes, Obama is quite unstable and we're all going to suffer for the incompetency of this White House administration.
See: The White House has confirmed that President Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke on the phone today, marking the first top-level U.S.-Iranian contact since 1979.   United Against Nuclear Iran

Now, for Pamela Geller's latest report:  

by Pamela Geller
September 27, 2013

You have to wonder if Obama didn't call Rouhani today to congratulate Iran.
Not since 1979 has their been contact at this level, the first communication with Tehran since Carter. They attacked our embassy in '79, killed hundreds of our Marines in '83, and have been waging a war against us for decades. And Obama rewarded them today for what? For pursuing a rogue nuclear weapons program? He chased after them and after them after they snubbed him at the UN. Why? To what end?
A worker outside the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran (photo credit: AP/Vahid Salemi)
‘Iran already has a nuclear bomb,’ Israeli paper claims Times of Israel, September 27, 2013
Unnamed government analysts quoted by Maariv say Tehran has crossed all red lines and is already in possession of at least one nuclear weapon
Some Israeli government analysts believe Iran already has at least one nuclear bomb, an Israeli journalist wrote in an article published Friday.
Shalom Yerushalmi, writing in the national daily Maariv, said that “government security sources up to date on development in Iran,” told him recently that Tehran has crossed all points of no return and already has its first nuclear weapon, and maybe more.
The report marks the first time a government official has been quoted saying Iran already has a nuclear weapon. No sources in the piece were named.

The information, if true, would mark a major shift in international relations and would be a game changer in terms of a regional power balance.
“It’s too late for Israel [to prevent an Iranian bomb]. Iran has crossed all the borders and all the constraints, and it has a first nuclear bomb in its possession, and maybe more than that,” Yerushalmi writes, basing himself on what he says is the assessment he heard this week from state security sources. ”We are facing a historic change in the strategic balance of forces in the region.”
He then quotes a source who he says is deeply familiar with what he calls the relentless war against the Iranians. “This is no longer about how to prevent a bomb,” the source is quoted saying, “but about how to prevent its being launched, and what to do if and when.”
Yerushalmi, still basing himself on the anonymous security sources’ assessment, goes on to compare the current behavior of Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, and new President Hasan Rouhani, in their interactions with the West, to a soccer coach at the end of a hard-fought match which he knows he has now won. The Iranian leadership is behaving with the air of “those who have achieved their target, and therefore can today afford to be more generous and to offer new (self-serving) messages.” The Iranian leadership can afford to be friendlier, he writes, “because victory has been secured.”
Maariv led its Friday paper with a photograph of a smiling Rouhani, alongside the headline, “What’s hiding behind the smile,” and a sub-headline quoting the security sources saying Iran now has “at least one bomb.” It then adds that most in the security establishment, however, still believe that this “nightmare scenario has not yet been realized.”
While most Western countries believe Iran’s nuclear program is intended for military purposes, officials in Israel, the US and elsewhere say Tehran has yet to “break out” toward a bomb, a process that could take over a year.
On Friday, Iranian and UN officials met to discuss whether to resume inspections meant to determine whether Tehran worked on atomic arms, in a test of pledges by Iran’s new president to reduce nuclear tensions.
Iranian envoy Reza Najafi said in Vienna that it would be unrealistic to expect that “in just one day of meeting we can solve our problems.”
Herman Nackaerts of the International Atomic Energy Agency said only that he hoped the meeting could “intensify the dialogue.”
The UN agency wants access to a site it suspects was used to test conventional explosive triggers meant to set off a nuclear blast.
A report released last month by the IAEA said that while Iran was testing new centrifuges, which could help it eventually create a nuclear weapon, its uranium stockpile was still below the amount needed for a bomb.
“It is unlikely, at this point, that Iran could dash toward further enrichment to weapons-grade without the IAEA detecting Tehran’s activities,” Reuters quoted the Arms Control Association, a Washington-based advocacy and research group.
Israel sees an Iranian nuclear weapon as an existential threat, and Jerusalem has campaigned vigorously around the world for heavy sanctions to be placed on Iran, with a threat of military action should those fail to stop the nuclear program.
Next week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to deliver a speech at the United Nations during which he is expected to press for maintaining pressure on Iran despite a recent easing of tensions between Tehran and the West. In comments Tuesday, Netanyahu urged the world not to be “fooled” by Iran’s newly moderate rhetoric, which he said was a “smokescreen” to obscure its continued drive toward nuclear weapons.
“Israel would welcome a genuine diplomatic solution that truly dismantles Iran’s capacity to develop nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said. “But we will not be fooled by half-measures that merely provide a smokescreen for Iran’s continual pursuit of nuclear weapons. And the world should not be fooled either.”