Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rohani: "Just a Smiley Face" (video)

Bee's note:  
Watch the video, listen to the words of Iran's so-called "moderate", newly elected President Rohani, as the Iranian missiles are on Parade and ask yourselves this one question: "Are Iran's goals for nuclear capabilities peaceful?".
Rohani does not have the power to determine Iran future plans - for Israel, the USA, or any other nation; as someone noted this morning, "He's just a smiley face", coming to the UN and meeting with Obama for the sole purpose of spreading Iran's propaganda and lying about their actual intent and obsession to gain nuclear power/bomb! 
(How far along since 2009?!)

Iran: "We have no intention to attack"

Military spectacularly presented Tehran 30 ballistic missiles coming from a range of 2,000 miles. "We'll never carried any aggressive action, but oppose those who would attack us," stated Rohani parade.He said anyone considered a threat to the region, he who violates the conventions prohibiting weapons of mass destruction
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Ballistic missiles are displayed
 Photo: ballistic missiles are displayed | Photo: Screenshot

he background conciliatory diplomatic messages, the editor today (Sunday) Iran military parade during which showcase 30 ballistic missiles are coming from a range of 2,000 miles. "Iran is not a threat to the area," Rohani said Iran's president against missile display and hinted Israel. "The threat is of those who violated all international conventions prohibiting weapons of mass destruction, and who threatens others in the area."
Show of military power held in Tehran and other cities to mark the "Sacred Defense Week" in memory of the victims of Iran's war with Iraq, and which were also 12 missiles and 18 missile Sejil Hdar. Sejil missiles first tested in November 2008, Khadr September that year.Both missiles Two - gearboxes longer solid.
Reported by AFP, long-range missiles pose danger not only Israel but also the U.S. bases in the Gulf. In his speech, the president insisted parade Rohani proposed that the weapon is for hedging purposes only. "Over the past 200 years, Iran has never attacked another country," Ahmadinejad said.
He stated that Iran does not intend to attack - unless you attack it."Even today, the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic and its leadership will never get implemented in any aggressive action," said the president of Iran, "but they will resolutely oppose aggressors - until victory."
"Iran is not a threat to the region."  Rohani, Archive
 Photo: "Iran is not a threat to the region." Rohani, Archive | Photo: AP
Revolutionary Guards: "monitor skepticism about who runs Contacts"
Rohani stated earlier that his country will not give up its nuclear program. "The world to recognize Iran's right to enrich uranium," said Rohani, and promised: "We will do this in the framework of international law." He said that the Iranian people do not want war. "If Western governments will have these rights, the Iranian people are rational people, peacemakers and friendly," Ahmadinejad said. "We stand ready to cooperate and together we can resolve all the problems of the region or even the world." He also claimed that the Iranian people "want development and not looking to produce nuclear weapons."
At the same time, Iran's Revolutionary Guards warned the diplomats in their country because talks are expected with the U.S.. "Past experience requires the country's diplomatic apparatus to be careful and monitor the Htnagom skepticism of those who prefer to Contacts" said the statement from the Revolutionary Guards.