Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Music Break: Rose garden,Daniel O'Donnell sings

One of the roses in my garden, .... my daughter, Christina

This lovely song by Daniel O'Donnell was one I dedicated to my daughter, on 
Feb. 22, 2011, on "Real Americans Defends Israel".  It was shortly after Valentine's Day and both of us were feeling kinda of low that day.  Most of my readers know that a large part of my life was my beloved husband, Bill.  Bill had died after a brief illness in August, 2010.  

Christina has three children of her own and was very close to her Dad.  Valentine's Day reminded the both of us that Bill was no longer with us and our roses he would give his "girls" and his smile when he would do something special for us were now a thing of the past.  There isn't a day goes by when we don't remember him, but during special days, the memory is stronger and so is the sadness that remains with each of us.

This time of year, Bill would be outside raking leaves.  Some people consider that a chore, but Bill enjoyed being outside no matter what he found to keep himself busy and raking leaves was a time when he said, "It gives him time to think".  I asked him what he thought about and he replied, "I think about the snow that will soon be arriving and that all these leaves I can't rake will be covered with pure whiteness; I think about those poor squirrels scurrying about trying to load up on the nuts before winter; and I think about how lucky we are to be inside a warm home."  I'm sure Bill thought about other matters, but that is what he told me and that is a huge part of Bill's character, as he was a quiet man who always thought about others (even squirrels!).

That song received over 200 hits per week from the first day I posted it and I'm not sure if it was the music or Christina's photo that drew folks to this post.  However, today I received an email from one of our reader's, requesting that I re-post this song to our new site.  He told me it wasn't quite "home" to him without this post.  

So, here it is - Enjoy!  And thank you for your request, kind sir, - it was one of Bill's favorite songs too!  I posted the video on the side bar so that you can find it easily.

Bee Sting