Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TYRANNY ALERT: Obama Facebook Intimidation Page – Somebody’s Watching You!

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 by bydesign001 on September 29, 2011
“A few days ago I wrote about what you all already knew, that the new Facebook news feed format is nothing but a means to control and censure the message  and content on facebook, Facebook’s New Censorship
Now they are taking it a step further by collecting data on posters and trying to intimidate them from posting on Facebook.
To that end the new Obama page, this one here Obama Intimidation Page run by   Obama for America,  collects and posts all Facebook updates that contain  the word Obama.
….Yes I know there are sites out there that do the same thing but the question is not about the technology of the site, the question is WHY WOULD OBAMA WANT TO POST ON HIS  Facebook CAMPAIGN PAGE POSTS FROM PEOPLE THAT OPPOSE HIS POLICIES? Do you think he’s looking for hints to change his  agenda?”
Obama Facebook Intimidation Page is brought to you courtesy of OBAMA FOR AMERICA, the Marxists who brought you ATTACK WATCH.
You must admit that as with all things Obama, something stinks really bad about this.  This is intimidation and censorship on the down low.
Below is a screen shot that I did a few moments ago of Obama’s Intimidation Page  that clearly notes my Facebook entries that mentions Obama.
I went back as far as I could on the entries of this site as monitored by Facebook and Obama for America on Obama’s Intimidation Page.  It ends or starts (however, you look at it) with July 5, 2011.  I suspect that Facebook’s records go back even further but this is as far as they make visible to us little people.
Supposedly, if you have friended someone whom has hit the “Like” button on the Obama Intimidation Page, your entries that would show up on that “friend’s” page that mentions Obama, will show up on the Obama’s Intimidation Page.
From where I stand, this is pure B.S., spying, intimidation, an invasion of privacy and attempt to censor members of Facebook.

When I first read Pumabydesign's warning about Obama's latest foolishness to intimidate US citizens, I made a mental note to respond, but like many folks, unless you experience it for yourself, we don't pay too much attention to the warning signs, since thousands of conservatives had enjoyed reporting ourselves on Obama's "Attack Watch" Twitter account.  
However, last night I removed and blocked 4 friends from my Facebook account.  They had pressed that Facebook "like" button to Obama's Intimidation page and all my entries (news articles) mentioning Obama's name were attached to Obama's group page.  What is different from other groups on Facebook is that if you decide to join a group, only your comments are posted to that particular group.  IT DOES NOT pull in anything from other news postings from off your friends' lists.
Therefore, Obama's Intimidation page has been allowed to do something on Facebook that no other group is interested in doing, for groups want comments relating to their group forum. Puma by Design has asked a very important question: WHY WOULD OBAMA WANT TO POST ON HIS  Facebook CAMPAIGN PAGE POSTS FROM PEOPLE THAT OPPOSE HIS POLICIES? 
And, unlike other groups on Facebook, you are not allowed to BLOCK this page in your privacy settings - I know, I tried doing so last night.  Therefore, this is an invasion of privacy; censorship; and allowing Obama's "group" to collect information on private citizens without their permission.  This is not what Facebook was intended to do and the fact that no other group is allowed to gather information in this manner is indeed reason for everyone to verify their friend's list and privacy.
Nixon beside transcriptsWATERGATE comes to mind!  Nixon was spying on private citizens and if he had not resigned, he would have been impeached.  Instead, he was allowed to slip away quietly without further investigation, off into the sunset with a US military helicopter on the White House front lawn.
The Privacy Act was enacted after Nixon's downfall, to protect US citizens from exactly what is happening with Obama's groups implementing Attack Watch and his new Facebook account - both are suggesting that we either spy on each other, or his group will do the spying for us.
Does the 4th Amendment come to mind?  
Why haven't any members in Congress taken Obama and his campaign groups to task for these actions?  Perhaps a better question would be, "Why isn't Congress beginning to form an investigation into the un-Constitutional actions by a crookedly run campaign for Obama's re-election?"  Nixon's crooked deals were not permissible then, and the same actions should not be permissible today.
Lastly, what will it take before the main stream media wakes up and begins reporting on this administration's actions that undermine all US citizens; what will it take to wake up Congress?
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