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While the world sleeps ... by Vin Ienco

Note:  The following article was printed on Family Security Matters by Contributing Editor Vin Ienco, a commentator and analyst on the effects of Global Islamism and a vocal opponent of Sharia Law.  Vin also has an amazing blog, found at "VINIENCO".  I am in the process of adding links to my favorite places/blogs on the right side of this blog, and these two sites will be added immediately.  Here's Vin's article:

April 5, 2011

Vin's Notes on Islamism: Part Six

Documenting Islamist incursions around the globe.
My two cents:
While the world sleeps

A baneful milestone came and went this week, largely unnoticed. The people who maintain the website  have been keeping a tally of Jihad attacks worldwide since 9-11.
Interestingly, you can ask anyone when the last terrorist attack was and undoubtedly the reply would be, 9-11. Some who attempt to keep abreast of terror activity might tell you, the Stockholm Bomber.  A lot of the blame has to lay squarely with the mainstream media and our leaders for failing to report or address the daily attacks.
I recall two major attacks last year and waited patiently for the International news service to report something that night though nothing was reported. In a world of political correctness coupled with the ability of our Politicians to bend over backwards to appease over-sensitive Muslims, this is nothing short of shameful.
On September 17th 2001, George W. Bush delivered a speech claiming that Muslims across the world were outraged at the 9-11 attacks. He went onto say that ‘Muslims in nations’ were appalled and couldn’t believe what they were seeing on their TV screens. These statements were made despite the televised celebrations in Lebanon, Iran and Gaza, where candy and sweets were being handed out and people joyously danced in the streets.
Barrack Obama has praised Muslims worldwide on many occasions and notably, extending his love of Islam at a press conference in Indonesia last year. He spoke of religious and ethnic tolerance in the world's most populous Muslim-majority country. He told a University audience, “Here we can find the ability to bridge divides of race and region and religion - by the ability to see yourself in other people."   He failed to mention the ongoing persecution of minorities, particularly the hundreds of attacks on Christian churches in the five years preceding his visit. The attacks continue, and in more recent news, we saw the heinous attacks on the Ahmadis. How tolerant indeed!
Earlier this year, British Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech on Multiculturalism at the Munich Security Conference. Cameron downplayed singling out any one group by mentioning Northern Ireland and the attacks by anarchists in Greece. All of which are somewhat insignificant to the sheer volume of attacks committed by Islamists.
He also stated that the greatest threat comes from young men that follow a “warped and perverse” version of Islam. It is clear to say that Cameron has never read a Koran and believes the statement bandied around by Muslims and apologists, that Islam has been hijacked by a few people.
The nail in the coffin was when Cameron stated that the call by the people on the right to curb immigration and the building of Mosques only fuels ‘Islamophobia’. His example of compatibility of Democracy and Islam included Egypt and the demand of the people for more freedom. With only six Presidents in almost 60 years and the Muslim Brotherhood or a Military Dictatorship likely as future rulers, this is yet another fail for Cameron.
For those that claim that US policy is to blame for the Islamist attacks, it’s worth mentioning that to the people of Dagestan or Indonesia, or to the peaceful Buddhist Monks in Thailand who are being systematically slaughtered. Compare the attempted attacks on US soil under the administrations of Bush and Obama. It is very clear that the Obama administration’s nauseating and incessant outreach to Muslims is a total fail.
This week, the Jihad counter passed 17,000 attacks since 9-11. That breaks down to a little shy of 5 separate attacks per day. It is important to note that these figures are grossly understated and that the producers of these figures only rely on reliable sources. In 2010 for example the yearly total for people killed at the hands of Jihadis was 9,175. In January 2011, Pakistan stated that over 10,000 people were killed in 2010, at the hands of terrorists in that country alone.
All that is left is for us is to do, is to continue to speak out and spread the word on what the main stream media and our Governments are afraid to say. Despite the fact we are tainted as haters or Islamphpobes, our fear is real and not unfounded andprotecting our families, our future and our culture, can never be hateful.  
Vin Ienco
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