Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weiner & Holder to challenge Obama?

Americans Stands with Israel
posted by Grumpy Elder 
Every day it’s becoming clearer, that if, Eric Holder is going to be looking for a new job very shortly, if he can keep out of prison.  The potential charges for his “possible” involvement in weapons smuggling to insurgents that are openly at war with with Mexico, and with the police departments of 1000 American are serious.  Lying to Congress can get the average person in a bunch of trouble, but I figure Harry Reid won’t  allow criminal charges to go forward…. if Holder resigns.  If the fiasco goes much farther, and Holder doesn’t resign the House will most likely pass Articles of Impeachment.
With the growing pile of evidence, Harry Reid will be forced to let the Impeachment go forward in the Senate.  If that happens, criminal charges will be filed if he’s found guilty.  If he resigns everything gets forgotten, and there’s nothing to prevent him from going back to practicing law or even running for elected office.
I first saw this coming yesterday, somebody with a sense of Humor, and a copy of the Urban Dictionary decided Anthony Weiner and Eric Holder could team up and open a legal firm–  I’m thinking Weiner-Holder could specialize in defending domestic terrorists like the New Black Panthers and Hispanic gang members, internet sexual predators and other that make up an important part of the Democratic Party’s base.
I saw that part coming, but over night some people smarter than I am took it a step farther.

They even wrote a campaign song for Anthony