Monday, August 6, 2012


My FB friend, Daniel, posted this photo this morning.  Of course, we're all having a little fun with the picture, deciding who should be the first group from earth to land on Mars.  Here's my suggestion:

It would be a great place, with lots of room, for the new Palestinian state - problem solved.

The topography looks the same as most ME states - lots of sand, no water - maybe they will strike oil. 

Look at the Martians sign.  It's is as friendly as the Muslim countries welcoming Christians, Jews, and all non-Muslims. The Palestinians should feel right at home!  And, that will not only settle all wars on earth, the Arab nations will no longer need to refuse to allow these Palestinians a piece of land in one of their 21 countries surrounding Israel.  

We give one half of Mars to Hamas, the other half to Fatah.  

Who knows?  Maybe by living on Mars for the next 2,000 years, the Palestinians will actually learn to go it alone, quit their in-fighting, and be free of having to depend upon aid from every nation on earth!  They can either fight it out among themselves, or learn to live in peace and harmony.

I doubt it, but you never know .....