Monday, August 6, 2012

What do all the medal award ceremonies at the London 2012 Olympics have in common?

Bee's Note:  Before reading Bare Naked Islam's commentary on London's Olympic photo-op's, I would also like to demonstrate another appeasement of the OIC, posted on IsraeliCool's blog, about the Hijab Girl Floored Remember the female Saudi judoka allowed to compete with a hijab?

I find it very interesting that the OIC refused to allow ONE MINUTE to honor the victim's families on the 40th anniversary of the Munich massacre at the "Opening Ceremonies", last week, not wanting to turn the Olympic games into anything "political".  And yet, everything about the Londonstan Olympics is most certainly POLITICAL: from its photos and dress codes to appease Muslim countries, unqualified and dishonest athletes allowed to compete, right down to the USA's volleyball team "covering up", in order to appease the hypocritical standards of Islam. 
Thanks, London, for demonstrating the political power of Islam in non-Islamic nations.  How much were the Arabs willing to pay to force their ill-equipped, untrained and unqualified  athletes into the games - a few buckets of oil?  Islam cannot take away the efforts of the qualified athletes; can't take away the medals of the true athletes; but the Arab world sure has turned the "games" into a farce for Islam. 
And to the USA media, I have another observation:  why haven't you given a minute's time to the Israeli athletes?  I have had the TV on 24-7 throughout the games, to see if there would be a moment's time given Israel's athletes - nope, nothing!  Way to go WORLD - your anti-Semitic, Islam-loving slip is showing, once again!
Let's go to BNI's observations of the "Games" - photos that remind me of "Where's Waldo?".

What do all the medal award ceremonies at the London 2012 Olympics have in common?

They all feature a Muslim woman wearing a headbag.

It’s bad enough the Saudis entered a totally unqualified woman Judo wrestler in the games just so she could cause a stink by demanding (and getting) a change in the dress code rules to allow her to wear a hijab (headbag). Now, bowing to multiculti madness, Olympic officials feature a Muslim headbagged woman in  the medal presentation ceremonies.  Notice how she appears in every photo. Why?  (H/T Paulo)

How comforting, a devout Muslim security guard at the Games.