Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan’s VP Acceptance Speech (Video)


Today, Mitt Romney chose Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Here is Ryan’s acceptance speech:
Bee's Note:  Click to Read excerpts of the Ryan speech:
I listened to Paul Ryan's acceptance speech and felt as though someone opened up all the windows and let fresh air and honesty enter the rooms.  Congratulations to Mitt Romney for choosing the best of the best for his running mate and Vice President candidate, Paul Ryan.
To the world leaders, I would suggest you don't hold your breath for all the "false" promises made by President Obama - Russia, there will be no more "flexibility" awaiting off stage; and to the Palestinians, you had better not be waiting until after elections to obtain whatever Obama promised your organization - not going to happen!  It's a new day!  I am here to announce that the apology tour for America will no longer be taking center stage - Americans do not apologize for our great country. 
To the small business men and women, "You did build that" (and to Israel, I add "You did build that"!)
"Our rights came from nature and God,  not from government", said Paul Ryan.